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15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 5:20 pm

Being single has its own goods and bads. Some people are happy being single and alone, while others find it lonely and depressing to lead a single life. For some, getting into relationship is as easy as putting on a tee-shirt, while there are folks who try for years without any luck. Here are fifteen funny tweets about single life that make everyone laugh.
1.Endless Dreaming

This tweet perfectly sums up what some single or newly single people keep thinking for whole day. They just can't stop dreaming about having a man or woman in their arms. You can't even imagine what runs in the minds of people who call themselves 'forever alone'. 

Endless Dreaming-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

2.This Funny 'I'm Single' Announcement

If you don't yet know this twitter handle 'Pakalu Papito', we suggest you to check it soon. You are sure to find some extremely funny tweets and anti-jokes on being single or being ugly. Coming back to this tweet, this guy has dropped an awesome single life tweet on us.

This Funny 'I'm Single' Announcement-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

3.At least You are There for Yourself

Single life can be frustrating. It will be more frustrating to those who keep trying to find a partner, but fail every time. Some people get so frustrated they give up their girlfriend/boyfriend hunt, and start loving themselves. When there's no one to love you, at least you have to love yourself!

At least You are There for Yourself-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

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