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15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:24 pm

Beds are for sleeping. However, in our busy lifestyles, we use beds for more than just sleeping. For some people, bed is everything! They eat, drink and sleep on beds. Few people take their love towards bed to extreme levels! Do you love your bed? Here are fifteen signs that tell you if you are in a relationship with your bed!
1.Sun Rise? What It Is?

Most of us hate to wake up early because we hate going to school or work! However, some people hate to get up because they don't like missing their bed, and always feel like spending some more time on their cozy bed. You know you are in a relationship with bed if you hate waking up early in the morning!

Sun Rise? What It Is?-15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed

2.You Need Human Alarms

You already set your alarm for every five minutes after 7 AM on your smartphone. In addition, you snooze it for every 10 minutes when the last alarm rings. Even with all these, you need someone in your family, friends or roommates to wake you up. You can't move away from your bed even for a minute!

You Need Human Alarms-15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed

3.Bed is Where You Stay Fit

You hardly believe in morning walks. You absolutely hate going to gyms or fitness centers. You love staying fit using none other than your bed. You turn, twist, roll and twirl and do all kinds of exercises on bed. If you ever found yourself doing a cool exercise like this girl in the picture, you are surely having a relationship with your bed.

Bed is Where You Stay Fit-15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed


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