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15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 3:47 pm

Technology has completely changed the way humans interact with each other. It also changed the way people see sexual satisfaction. 'Sexting' is a thing. It is so popular that it became an acceptable word throughout the world. Sexting is nothing but role playing a sexual encounter via text messages. Sometimes it goes bad. Here are fifteen times sexting went completely wrong.
1.This Guy Who Failed to Catch the Hints

That girl was clearly trying to start a sexual conversation. She hinted him twice to start a raunchy conversation. That guy seemed to be on track until he asked her to go take a shower. Do you think that guy failed to catch her hints? Or, is he really uncomfortable around people who don't take showers when they are dirty? We never know!

This Guy Who Failed to Catch the Hints-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

2.This Sexting That Went a Little Extreme

She sounds more like a cannibal than a pretty girl! Nevertheless, this is another sexting attempt that went weird. And, the sexting is over! Men or women clearly come up with weird replies if they are not in a mood to sext.

This Sexting That Went a Little Extreme-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

3.He Was Clearly Not in a Mood to Make You Wet

This was another sexting attempt that went hilariously wrong. You don't often see women initiating sexting. You rarely see men not responding to it. As you can see from the image, a girl was trying to be hot with a man, who instantly put an end to her sexting in a funny way.

He Was Clearly Not in a Mood to Make You Wet-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

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