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Amazing Unique Wedding Ideas

Thursday, Jul 30, 2020, 8:55 am

1.Be passionate

If you both love something, then try to incorporate it into your wedding in some way. If you love wine, then focus on that, but if you both love art, then have an artist doing a painting live in the corner. Get your heads together and come up with something unique that really will make your wedding stand out from all of the others.

2.Themed wedding

Change things up a bit by going for a themed wedding reception rather than just doing what everybody would expect you to do. You are able to choose a color such as the example here or perhaps choose a particular genre instead, but make sure that it is very well planned or it will all fall apart.

3.Creative seating

Be a bit different and avoid just having somebody point your guests to the appropriate table and inject some fun into it. Use symbols, set them a challenge to get to their seat and just mix things up a bit as this will be a lot more fun and it will also get people talking. There are a lot of ways in which this can be done, so get thinking and get creative.

4.Unusual location

Why does your wedding need to be in a church? There are so many other places where you can get married, so consider doing something a bit different and choose a unique location that could be more exciting than the traditional way. There are so many options it will be difficult to pick just one, so be creative.

5.Fun snacks

When your guests are leaving why not supply them with a goody bag containing some fun snacks to nibble on when they are going home. This is just a nice little touch to say thank you to them for coming and they also do not have to contain that much for them to still be effective.

6.Funny dance

Why have a serious first dance? Surely it would be better to surprise people with your own unique funny first dance to music that you select and one that will leave the guests howling with laughter? This is easy to do even though it does require the two getting married to spend time working on it together, but it is an amazing idea that works very well.

7.Song invites

When you are sending out the invites how about being a bit different and ask the people to also request a song that they like for it to then be played at the wedding. This is certainly something that is different to the normal way of asking if they are going to come or not and it is just a bit of fun that will then result in them listening out for the song they requested.


8.Confetti Bar

The idea behind this confetti bar is that it just allows your guests to use up some energy by throwing bits of paper around. If this sounds basic, then that is because it is, but that does not matter because it is a cool idea and one that your guests will absolutely love.

9.Ice cream

The last thing that people will expect at your wedding is an ice cream truck, but if you are getting married and it is hot outside can you actually think of anything better than this? How happy will your guests be if they hear those chimes outside and know they can get a nice ice cream rather than sitting sweating somewhere?


10.Cue cards

OK so the wedding reception is supposed to be a fun affair, so do your best to avoid it getting quite stuffy in nature by doing something such as having cue cards. This is just going to create a great atmosphere and it makes it easier for people to get through those speeches.

11.Polaroid Guestbook

How about this for an idea? It takes the humble Polaroid camera and brings your guestbook to life by getting people to take their snaps and then writing a message underneath. This is far more visual than other alternatives and it does work exceptionally well and is something you can look back on in years to come.


12.Guest box

How about instead of getting people to sign a guestbook have them going into this guestbox instead? The entire idea is that inside there is a video camera and they can quickly give you their best wishes on video for you to then watch back later on. It is modern, it is easy to do, and it is also a lot of fun.


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