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12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:01 am

Trying the backdoor isn't as bad as one may think! Hey, we aren't advocating anal sex here, but trying to shed some light on it. Most men have a deep desire to infiltrate their partners' rear whereas most women try their best to save their "brownie dispensers" from intrusions! For gay men, the butthole is a lifeline, and for girls who are trying to protect their virginity for some reasons, the poophole is a loophole! Hey, read these 12 "asstonishing" reasons to know why knocking the back door isn't a bad idea! Everything you need to know about anal sex is right here. 
1. It Doesn't Hurt As Much As One May Think

Anal sex doesn't always cause big pain in the ass. It only hurts when an ignorant and inexperienced asshole tries to force himself into the cornhole with brute force. The trick is to keep the bum hole calm and relaxed like how it usually stays during a diarrhea apocalypse! Applying loads of lube is mandatory, without which a woman feels like she is taking a Thor hammer inside and a man may feel like he's penetrating a car's muffler! If you are a guy and want to become a good ass f*cker, you need to trick the butthole into thinking your penis is nothing but a piece of turd going the other way!

 It Doesn't Hurt As Much As One May Think-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

2.It's A Natural Birth Control Method

No condom or birth pill says it's 100% effective when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy. Anal sex works wonders in this regard. There's absolutely no chance your girlfriend will become pregnant if you do it in the backdoor! Everything that goes into the butt has to come out eventually, even if it is "baby batter." Sperms are amazing swimmers, but we don't think the little fellas are going to have a great time spending time in the tunnel of stink. They are not going to meet any eggs there, and it's just a matter of time before a poop avalanche sends them out in the worst way possible! End of the story, and no kids for you mate!

It's A Natural Birth Control Method-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

3.Surprise Butt Orgasms For Girls

We are aware that millions of men around the world are working their asses off, excavating their girlfriend's vaginas to find their G-spot. Sadly, one can find the G-spot only how Columbus discovered America - accidentally! Anal sex is the best way to hit the magical G-spot. Women who have anal sex say they get more intense and multiple orgasms with it than vaginal intercourse. Moreover, the anal opening has so many touch-sensitive nerve endings that it only comes second to the clitoris in terms of sensitivity. The butthole is one of the erogenous parts of a girl's body, and a gentle rub on it can make her go mad.

Surprise Butt Orgasms For Girls-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

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