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Best Tips For Baby Sitting

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020, 7:40 pm

1.Give a report

When the parents come back it is always best to give them a report on the evening. Any good parent will want to know how well behaved their children were and if there were any problems and do look at telling the truth as they will appreciate that. By giving them a full report on what went on over those hours it will make it more likely that you will be asked back again, but only if you did a good job.

2.Find a good story to read

Of course there comes a time where you may have to get them ready for bed, so make sure that there is a good story to read to them. Knowing what to read comes from that chat you had with their parents, so practice your reading voice because that could be your best bet at getting them to sleep.


One little tip that every babysitter should use is to take balloons with them because every single kid loves a balloon. You can play all kinds of games with them, and of course they are not going to break any objects in the home, and this rather simple item can keep kids entertained for hours.

4.Know what to do in an emergency

It is undoubtedly a good idea to know what to do in an emergency, so spend time studying how to do basic first aid such as how to stop a child from choking or even just what you do if they cut themselves or bang their hand. This gives both you and the parents peace of mind.

5.Get references for new jobs

If one parent is happy with what you have done, then ask them if they will be a reference and if anybody they know is also looking for somebody to babysit their children. This will of course help you to earn more money and in this business trust via word of mouth really is very important indeed.

6.Use the internet to do research.

You will find that the Internet is actually a fantastic place to look for ideas that you can then put into action when it comes to you babysitting. The only thing that you need to check is the age range that the idea is set up for or you could ruin the entire evening.


Art is a great way to get the time to pass quickly and lets be honest here what kid does not like to make a mess and make something? Of course this may require some forward planning and checking that they do indeed have certain items to make life easier, but if they do, then the kids are going to enjoy spending time with you.


8.Keep them busy

The last thing that you want is for the kid to tell their parents that they were bored when you were looking after them. Never just push them into their room and then sit and watch the TV because that is not what babysitting is all about. Instead, stay on your feet, unless they want to watch a movie with you, and make absolutely full use of the time you spend with them.

9.Consider using food

If they are old enough, see if you can use the kitchen in order to get them to have some fun with food. Get a simple recipe that they can help you with and at the end of the day they will have something nice to show their parents when they come back and you will be absolutely loved by everybody.


10.Be creative with activities

Try not to be completely mundane when it comes to the activities that you will set up whilst babysitting. Yes it may be easier for you if they sit on their Playstation all of the time, but surely it is better if they do other fun things with you? Surely that will mean you are asked back to babysit once again?

11.Talk to the parents beforehand

It is essential that you talk to the parents before you start because that is how you are going to find out the different likes and dislikes and also what is expected of you as the babysitter. Never just turn up and think that you know everything because each child is different.


12.Be prepared

Make sure that before you go there you know how long you have to spend babysitting and how many kids you have to look after. Learn everything you can about them, such as their age, as this will allow you to work out what you are going to do with them and it will make the time pass more easily.


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