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Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 8:50 am

1.Candy mugs

This is a clever idea because everybody is going to start to get quite hungry and want something sweet later on, so by making some personalized candy mugs they get a couple of extremely useful items at the one time. All you need to do is get their first initial, tie a luggage label on, and fill with candy.

2.Tea diffuser

Ok so perhaps there are not that many people that use this kind of tea diffuser now, but there is no doubt that it can be quite cool and it is certainly a different gift to give. Do make sure that it is something appropriate and tie your name to the end just to finish the effect.


Granola seems to be all of the rage right now, so how about getting some made and putting it into personalized boxes finished off with some ribbon on top? This is the perfect wedding favor for people that are known to be health buffs and where most of the guests are going to be the same. However, not everybody will like it, but then that applies to any wedding favor.


One clever idea is to get some personalized soap made and give it to each guest either with their name on it or with your own details. The best thing about this is you need to spend time trying to work out what it will smell like because you do need something nice or it will ruin the effect.


Give your guest a jar of pencils along with some personalized paper and encourage them to do small sketches of your wedding. This can result in some rather strange pieces of art being created, but you have to say that it is certainly very different when it comes to wedding favors and surely people are going to love it?


This one may or may not work well as it does depend on the people that are going to be at your wedding, but using their favor to donate to a chosen charity is certainly different even if everybody will not appreciate it. You must know your guests very well indeed to see if they would support it or not, but surely nobody will really complain?

7.Hangover kit

This hangover kit could be very useful in the morning especially for those people that have really let their hair down at your wedding. Ok so this is a bit of a joke wedding favor to give, but for some people it really will be very useful and they will see you as being thoughtful.


8.Bottle openers

These novelty bottle openers are the kinds of things that people love to get because they are actually useful without being too silly. Of course you need to add a little personal message to it for them and do go for a nice looking bottle opener rather than just any old rubbish because first impressions really do count.

9.Tote bag

How about getting a special tote bag made for the occasion and use that to put other little items into before presenting it to your guests? This is rather cool and of course you can play around with the actual design itself until you get something that you absolutely love.



A lot of people love coffee, so how about getting some quality beans and creating small parcels like this to give out? This is rather cool and it is very easy to get the paper printed and then it is just up to you to make the parcels and finish them off with string.


Ok so this is more for a summer wedding, but getting a batch of the same sunglasses and having them sitting there waiting for your guests can actually be a very good idea. The sign in the background says "Don't get blinded by our love" and do consider doing something like that to finish the effect.


12.Lip balm

If your wedding is in the winter, then how about some personalized lip balm as your wedding favor? You have to admit that this is rather clever as it is the time of year when a lot of people are using them anyway and there are companies out there that will make them and include your name and date as well.


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