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15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 4:28 pm

A first date is always going to be a challenging thing. Dates usually don't go well unless people plan it well. Unfortunately, A date can still go terribly wrong even after all the great planning. The first date is a critical moment, and it is undoubtedly the foundation stone for a long relationship ahead. If you particularly see your date partner as a future boyfriend/girlfriend, you need to take extra care to make the first date a success. Everyone around will tell you what to do on a first date. So, let us tell you what not to do on a first date! Check these fifteen things that you should never do on a first date! 
1.Bad planning

The key here is to talk to the other person and find out what they want to do and come to some agreement. Just because you love to do something does not mean that they are the same and never assume that this will indeed be the case. Instead, have a chat and you will then find that the date will go a lot better simply because you have bothered to communicate with them in the first place.

Bad planning-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

2.Eating like a pig

People don't like it when their date is eating like a pig and it is going to really destroy that first date if you do this straight away. Remember and have manners and be demure when eating even if you usually throw it into your mouth as quickly as possible. You will know if you are ruining your chances if you look at them and their face is one of disgust.

Eating like a pig-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

3.Don't text

Texting somebody while you are on a date, unless it is an absolute emergency in which case they should call anyway, is going to destroy your chances immediately. Doing this comes across as if you are not interested in the person you are on a date with and you will find that they are going to just get up and leave if you continue to do this. You need to pay attention to them, so put that phone away.

Don't text-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

4.Bad topics

Even if you love them never bring up either religion or politics on a first date as this is far too heavy for what is supposed to be quite a casual affair. People have a tendency to get quite hot under the collar with either of these topics, so avoid them unless you deliberately want to ruin the evening and create a tension in the air. Instead, stick to easy subjects where opinions really do not count for that much and you will find that the evening will be a lot better than you had initially hoped.

Bad topics-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

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Imagine how bad this would be for your date if you turn up smelling like a skunk? You need to be well groomed in order to make that good first impression or you are destroying your chances before you have even started. Women like a guy to be well turned out, so turning up with your hair a mess and those armpits giving off a stench is a major faux pas on your part.

Smell-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

6.Bring a friend

This is seriously uncool. It is supposed to be a date with just her or him, so bringing along a friend for some kind of moral support leading to her/him being outnumbered is not going to get you anywhere. Instead, be brave and deal with it yourself and you will find that the date is going to go a lot better than you hoped.

Bring a friend-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

7.She pays

Never get her to pay for the date as you need to treat it as something special and act accordingly. If you get her to stump up you can say goodbye to any chance of getting a second date out of it as she will rightfully be disgusted at you as that really is not the done thing at all. Instead, swallow your pride and pay that bill and she is going to think the world of you.


8.Talk About Sex

Think with the brain in your head and not the one in your pants and never talk about sex unless she brings it up first. This is going to give her the wrong impression as to why you are there as she will just think you are after one thing, so avoid it and you will find that your date will go a lot better and you may even get to see her for a second time. The same goes for women, A lot of women directly go for sex right after their first date. They don't take the time to understand the person before getting in their bed which later results in break ups.

Talk About Sex-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

9.Too relaxed

You really need to avoid being too relaxed on a first date as this can come across as you simply not being interested in them. Yes you should try to play it cool, but there is such a thing as being too cool and this is where problems will start. Talk to them, avoid looking at your watch, ask for suggestions, but be strong enough to make your own decisions and generally look as if you want to be there.


10.Not too keen

This is a first date, so even though you might be excited at it never end up being too forward from the outset. Avoid asking them about babies or how they feel about marriage or moving in together with someone as that is only going to spook them and quite simply they will probably end the date there and then. Take things slow and casual and you will get on a lot better.

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11.Food in teeth

You really must avoid getting food stuck in your teeth and leaving it there all night because your date is going to look at that and not what you are talking about. You will know yourself how you feel drawn towards this view, so do not give your date the opportunity to do it to you and the entire night should go a bit better as a result.


12.Do not interview

Never see a first date as your chance to basically interview them and find out all of their plans for their own future. This is supposed to be a more relaxed atmosphere and a chance to just have a chat and get to know one another a bit, but do avoid all of the heavy stuff such as asking about their career path and basically trying to get as much information as you can out of them. Do it bit by bit over many dates and not all at once.

Do not interview-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

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13.Talk about your ex

Never spend time talking about your ex as your new date is not going to be interested in hearing about the good times you had with someone else. There is going to be nothing more boring or annoying for them to sit and listen to all of this rubbish and you will instantly kill your chances of ever getting a second date with them.

Talk about your ex-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

14.Dress Inappropriately

Always remember to dress appropriately for your first date and never turn up like this guy. You need to make a good first impression, so wearing something out of place, or even something that will make them feel ashamed to be with you is going to result in it being your one and only date with them. Look nice and she will appreciate it and might even want to see you again.

Dress Inappropriately-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

15.Get drunk

Whatever you do never get drunk on your first date as that is surely going to give the wrong impression. Instead, it is fine to just have a few drinks together, but do not go that far you end up on a table singing and dancing while repeatedly missing your mouth with your drink. The chances you then seeing them again will be almost nil, unless they too have got drunk at which point you may be a match made in heaven.

Get drunk-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date


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