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15 People Confess Their Terrible Blind Date

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017, 3:56 pm

Blind dates are becoming extremely popular. Just in case if you don't know what a blind date is, it's meeting an entirely unknown person whom you never met or seen before, for a date. Usually, friends or people you know arrange blind dates. The original idea of blind dating is that if you know, two people whom you think are a good match, you arrange a meet-up between them. However, it's not what's really happening out there! More and more people end up meating terrible people for a date. Read fifteen confessions of people who are never going on a blind date again! 
1.She Noped the F*ck Out Real Fast

Burger King, Velcro shoes, and the guy's mom supervising the whole thing... – can things go anymore worse than this on a date? We guess no! 

She Noped the F*ck Out Real Fast-15 People Confess Their Terrible Blind Date

2.Sorry, I have a Boyfriend!

As a prospecting single man, you hear this 'I have a boyfriend' thing far too often. Hearing it on a date, particularly on a blind date, is the worst thing ever! She should have told the guy that she didn't like him. 

Sorry, I have a Boyfriend!-15 People Confess Their Terrible Blind Date

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3.This Feet Fetish Guy!

The feet fetishists keep hunting for girls with sexy celebrity like feet. They don't care if a girl looks good or not, all they care for is how good her legs look – which is a major 'nope' for most girls! 

This Feet Fetish Guy! -15 People Confess Their Terrible Blind Date


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