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15 People Confess Their Terrible Blind Date

Saturday, Mar 7, 2020, 3:56 pm

Blind dates are becoming extremely popular. Just in case if you don't know what a blind date is, it's meeting an entirely unknown person whom you never met or seen before, for a date. Usually, friends or people you know arrange blind dates. The original idea of blind dating is that if you know, two people whom you think are a good match, you arrange a meet-up between them. However, it's not what's really happening out there! More and more people end up meating terrible people for a date. Read fifteen confessions of people who are never going on a blind date again! 
7.Oh Man, That Was too Complicated

Count the number of men involved! She was on a date with a guy. She talked about her ex. She gave head to a random guy. She left the place with another random guy. You don't get to see or read f*cked up dates like this too often!

Oh Man, That Was too Complicated -15 People Confess Their Terrible Blind Date

8.Yet Another Terrible Blind Date

By this time, we are sure the single men would be questioning the sanity of women for ending up with jerks and douches all the time. Oh yes, it was a blind date, but still the number of women who date the wrong guys is too damn high! 

Yet Another Terrible Blind Date-15 People Confess Their Terrible Blind Date

9.Great Guy Indeed!

This weirdo can win an award if there are any global awards for creepers. Guys who don't have bucks to pay for dinner on a date night should better stay at home! People may question here, "why can't girls pay?" The answer is YES they can pay. However, that doesn't mean a guy can come on a date with an empty pocket.

Great Guy Indeed!-15 People Confess Their Terrible Blind Date


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