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How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 5:17 pm


Keep your friends and make sure you still see them often because this time can actually help your relationship. Again a woman with interests and a life is far more interesting to him than a woman that clings on him.

2.Date Night

Once you have been together for a bit don't forget to have date night. Date night keeps things romantic and in perspective. Life is full of the small stuff, don't forget the important stuff.

3.Be Proud

Don't belittle yourself. Always speak positively about yourself this includes your body. Nothing can put a man off faster than a negative self body image. If you cant love it who will?


Always have dreams, for yourself and for you both as a couple. Just because you are a happy couple now does not mean you have no more dreams inside of you. Our dreams make us who we are and the women he fell in love with.

5.Keep On Track

Check in that you both have the same goals and dreams. It can become pointless for both of you if you do not. Perhaps you are ready for kids and marriage and he is not. Why waste both yours and his time when you could be with someone with the same goals as you.

6.A Great Communicator

Be a great communicator. Try to work through differences, discuss them and come to conclusions. That is what makes a woman or a man a keeper! He does not want to try to read your mind constantly, so talk to him and see how much better things become.

7.Interests Make You Interesting

Have your own hobbies, interests and friends. Don't give it up once you have found that special someone. Men love women who are interesting rather than just being boring and repeating the same thing time and time again.


8.Be The Best You

Be the best you, that you can be. That means taking care of yourself even if it means eating healthy food and regular exercise. A guy loves to see a woman that takes care of herself and pride in her appearance no matter what the appearance may actually be.

9.Be A Best Friend

Be a great friend. There will come a time when he wants to know if he can feel comfortable with you. Don't forget to laugh and have fun! Laughter helps you both forget about things that are worrying you and can keep your relationship strong.


10.Stay Independent

Be independent. Once you meet a guy don't rely solely on him. Keep your independence. He will fall for you even more as he will absolutely love that about you and know that you are a strong person as well.

11.Keep A Career

Love what you do. Whether you work part or full time or even devote time to charity, love what you do. It makes you seem interesting and intriguing all in one!


12.Love Thy Self

Love who you are. Learn to fall in love with yourself before loving someone else. Appreciate your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Understand you are more than what you look like you have so much more to offer. If he cannot see that he is not worth it.


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