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How To Hook Up With Girls

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 6:48 pm

1.Keep things light

Avoid all heavy subjects because this is supposed to be nice and light and an enjoyable experience. Never talk about things such as religion or politics as they can often cause issues, so make her laugh, smile, and feel as if you are somebody that she wants to spend time with rather than run away from.

2.Never be pushy

One thing that is going to destroy your chances is if you are being pushy. Yes put your hand on her shoulder or something just to give some reassurance and to show a slight sign of affection, but never push yourself onto her or try and drool all over her as this will freak her out and she will run away.

3.Avoid when there are 2 girls

When there are two girls out together it is extremely rare for them to then split up during the night. Instead, look for somebody on their own or in a group of three as they will then feel less guilty about spending time with you as their two friends can still have a great time together.

4.A little courage

If you are a nervous person, then having that one drink before you do anything can often be quite helpful. The thing you have to remember here is that there is no way that you should have more than one because if you smell of alcohol, then she is going to turn away and think you are drunk. However, you do also have to consider the fact that at times a little bit of nerves may also work in your favor, so never drink too much.

5.Be different

Make sure that you come across as being different to other guys and try not to just simply hit on her. By all means say she looks nice, but do not continue to compliment her in that way because instead you need to show an interest in other areas and then compliment her on those.


Believe it or not, but rehearsing what you will say at first, how you will say it, and also how you will even go over to her can indeed improve your chances of it being a success. The idea of standing looking in the mirror does actually work because there is a good chance that if you make a mistake at first, then your confidence will shatter and it will all fall apart.

7.Find out about her

If you see somebody you like, then see if your friends know who she is in advance. You need to remember that a lot of women hate talking to complete strangers, so it will improve your chances of being able to say something to her if she is actually a friend of a friend.


8.Work out where they hang around

In order to hook up with girls that are perfect for you it is important that you know where they tend to hang out and the general vibe for that place. How do they dress there? What kind of times are they there? Is there a lot of competition? Consider checking out a place before you then start to hit on girls as it may improve your chances.

9.Avoid things at first.

If you do something that may be perceived as being a bit sad and depressing, then avoid talking about it until you know each other a bit more. Imagine if she thinks that playing video games is geeky and you love playing them, well telling her that is going to put her off you, so avoid it at all costs.


10.Your appearance

Clearly you need to look as if you are approachable and nice, so make sure that you do not look mad or dirty because first impressions really do count. Know what you look good in and ensure that you come across as somebody that does take care about how they look because girls love to see that in a guy.

11.Make sure you know how to talk

The only way you will hook up with them is by being able to talk to them, but at the same time you also need to know how to talk in the correct manner. This can be a bit of a problem for some people, so you must be able to not only talk about yourself, but to show an interest in her as it is not all about what you want.


12.Be confident

One of the major things here is to be confident in yourself because without this you are going to get absolutely nowhere. However, one of the key things here is not to get too over confident because at the same time they are going to hate you being cocky and so full of yourself that they do not see you as being hook up material.


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