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15 Couple Reveal Their Grossest Relationship Secrets

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 5:17 pm

Call them gross relationship secrets or 'relationship goals,' these fifteen confessions by couples will definitely make you cringe hard. How close and over-sharing a couple can be? This topic can help you understand! We have a girlfriend who scratched her boyfriend's butthole. We have a guy who wiped his diseased girlfriend's butt. Do you mind reading more such stories? Go on and read the fifteen grossest relationship secrets ever! By the way, do you have a bad gag reflex? If so, proceed with caution! 
1.Balls... This Time!

"We went for a hike and came back to our cabin a few hours later. I was in the kitchen while he was showering and out of nowhere he comes around the corner, butt-naked and soaking wet, looking rather uncomfortable.
"He had a tick on his ballsack. The next half hour was spent with him sprawled out on the floor and me examining his sack trying to figure out the best way to get the tick off. Dish soap ended up saving the day.
"Oh, and did I mention we were on our honeymoon?"
- Caitlin Ranchino Todd

Balls... This Time!-15 Couple Reveal Their Grossest Relationship Secrets

2.Cleaning up the Puke

"On our first Valentine's Day together, I got bad food poisoning and puked all over my boyfriend's carpet. He made sure I was OK and insisted on cleaning it himself, while I rested. I was too embarrassed at the time to realise how absolutely sweet of him that was."
- maggieschuerman

Cleaning up the Puke-15 Couple Reveal Their Grossest Relationship Secrets


3.Yet Another Cleanup Mission!

"Last Easter, we went home to my girlfriend's parents. At some point, we got food poisoning and were basically laid up all weekend. On Sunday, I felt OK enough to drive us back home (about 2.5 hours). My lady was still not feeling great but really wanted to get home.
"About 30 minutes into the drive and passing through the next town over, she screams ‘you've got to pull over!' Since we were on a highway, I was searching for a place to pull over with some privacy. I had just found a small street when she hurls herself out of the moving car. There she is, crying, puking, and shitting on the side of a country highway. I had to undress her, wipe her butt with what I could find, cover the car seat with old grocery sacks and convince her we had to go back to her parents. We're still together a year later. There's something about wiping your partner's bare ass in public that will cement a relationship."

Yet Another Cleanup Mission!-15 Couple Reveal Their Grossest Relationship Secrets


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