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Top Turn Ons For Women

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 5:28 pm

1.Lending An Ear

There is a lot of strife in this crazy world and it takes its toll on women. They need to talk about it with their fellas. If a man can lend an ear and actually have it be open, women would be very appreciative. It doesn't take much. Just sit there and let her spill her beans. And don't be afraid to let it affect you.

Lending An Ear-Top Turn Ons For Women


Life is a busy place for the modern woman and she needs help from time to time. If a man can read between the lines and know when to get off his butt and take over the kitchen cooking duties for a night, the Ladies would really appreciate it. So step up in the kitchen, fellas, and give your lady a break.

Cooks-Top Turn Ons For Women

3.Sensual Massage

After a long day it's nice to know your man cares enough to see how tense and stressed you are, and without even your asking he just grabs you and gives you that massage you so desperately need. The loving touch mixed with some knot relaxing stress relief is so important to a woman.

Sensual Massage-Top Turn Ons For Women

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