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Worst Facebook Parent Fails

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 10:12 am

Being a parent is probably the most awesome feeling in the world but it comes with great responsibility. Taking care of kids is not an easy job. So if you are unmarried and thinking of having kids then we advise you to think twice before having kids otherwise things like these happen when you become a irresponsible parent. Here are 12 Facebook parent fails ever.
4.Baby Smokes A Lot

This is horrendous and abusive. A mother who smokes in front of her child is heinous and it should be outlawed, but to give a child a cigarette and have them smoke it is child abuse. So gee, let's put it online so everyone can see what a great mother I am and how cool my kid is.

Baby Smokes A Lot-Worst Facebook Parent Fails

5.Wondering How Those Thongs Look On My Daughters

The fact that these young teens got thongs for Christmas is bad enough, but the look on his face says it all. Pervert. He is deep in thought, probably imagining what each of them would look like wearing them. We don't know for sure if he is the father, step father, boyfriend of the mother or what, but he looks like a pervert for sure.

Wondering How Those Thongs Look On My Daughters-Worst Facebook Parent Fails

6.Feel Me Up

This borders on child abuse here. If this was a man having a female child tough his private parts there would be a whole onslaught of media attacking it, and he would be in jail. How could this woman allow this and then post it for the world to see?

Feel Me Up-Worst Facebook Parent Fails

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