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Worst Wedding Dresses

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 9:18 pm

10.Oh, boy !

This is a cry for help. Pure and simple. The fact that this woman needed the world to see her belly on the most special day of her life is, in itself, a reason to contact the police. But I strongly suspect that even a covered stomach couldn't save this dress from being wrong on multiple levels.

Oh, boy !-Worst Wedding Dresses

11.Peasant dress

In the grand scheme of things, the dress plays a pretty small role in the impending disaster that is this couple's wedding. Something has gone horrible wrong and they both know it. And somehow the dress knows it too. Yes, I know that's impossible, but I stand by that statement.

Peasant dress-Worst Wedding Dresses

12.Fire dress

It's entirely possible that the dress was intended as an expression of the bride's state of mind at the time of her upcoming nuptials. She was, perhaps, overtaken by the passion of her impending marriage. Or maybe she just didn't realize how stupid it looked. Either way, it does look stupid.

Fire dress-Worst Wedding Dresses

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