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15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:08 pm

Tattoos are cool as long as you wear them the way they are intended to be! Tattoos look good on almost all parts of the body except face. Face is one thing in the body that shouldn't be messed up with tattoos. If someone wants a tattoo on face, there are still ways to get a decent one. Here are fifteen people who have got their face tattoo terribly wrong! Yes, they look insane and stupid!
1.Lord Voldemort?

You never want to walk or sit behind this guy! If you do, his creepy back head tattoo will be looking at you constantly! Seriously, why people wear stupid tattoos like these? It’s their choice, but trust us, they look absolutely terrible! Well, this tattoo reminds us Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie.

Lord Voldemort?-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos


2.Eyeball Tattoo

Eyeball tattooing? Can you even imagine yourself getting an eyeball tattoo? Yes, eyeball tattoo is a thing, and there are many people who wear an eyeball tattoo. For whatever reasons, some people like to dump their natural eyeball color, which is white, and tattoo some designs or new colors on it. Isn’t that scary?

Eyeball Tattoo-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

3.What Kind of a Tattoo Was That?

It looks like a tattoo artist has practiced some tattooing skills on this person’s face! Why would anyone have a pointless scribbling as a tattoo on face? When you see him from some distance, this person will look like a hairy beast with all that tattoo looking like hair. That poor ear though!

What Kind of a Tattoo Was That?-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

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