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15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 1:53 pm

From horrible flight experience to being robbed by local burglars, a vacation can go wrong in many ways. You must consider yourself lucky if you ever managed to go on a holiday with no real problems. Frequent travelers know all the travel-related problems very well. Read fifteen worst travel experience stories, as revealed by the travelers themselves. Some of the experiences shared here are really bad and traumatic. Make sure to read all of them as it may help you prepare yourself well for your next vacation!
7.Most Horrible Travel Experience Indeed

Was taking a bus from Newcastle to London. We hadn't even rolled out of the station before some dude goes for a dump and breaks the toilet causing the smell of poo to spread through bus for the next 6 or 7 hours.

Most Horrible Travel Experience Indeed-15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

8.This Realization

When my dad and i were in the bahamas he was in the shower and i was in the other room(he didn't knew I was in the room), and i heard him have a massive orgasm which wasn't that terrible until I found out he was with a hooker.

This Realization-15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

9.Sorry, It Wasn't Me!

I was once stuck between a continuously farting guy and a young lady. Every time it smelled the lady covered her nose and looked at me furiously.

Sorry, It Wasn't Me!-15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

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