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Best Supermarket Fails

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:56 pm

1.One Type of Asian Food

So this supermarket must think that there is only one type of food that is considered Asian. There is clearly no separation of the type of Asian food available, just Asian food and then the rest is left up to you to figure out what they have to offer down that aisle.

2.c0ndoms Or Diapers

Well this may be a good idea for some men. It could be letting them know that if they don't buy the c0ndoms, and wear the c0ndoms, they could end up buying diapers nine months from now. Changing diapers versus slipping on a c0ndom. Unless you want a child, it seems like an easy choice.

3.Homo Sausage

Some people might take this the wrong way. There is lots of sexual innuendo here with a giant sausage the words "homo sausage" written on it. It looks to be be some type of Asian food, and probably didn't translate well, but the supermarket that sells it is a big Fail.

4.Sleeping With Your Meat

Does this woman think she's really hiding herself in the meat cooler? Covered in packages of meat doesn't sound too appealing no matter how tired you are. And to put them on your face, is pretty darn gross. We have to wonder what reason someone would have for doing such a thing.

5.Boneless Watermelon

You may have heard of seedless watermelon, but did you know there were bones in watermelon, and that this store has boneless watermelon? How lucky are you to have found such a treat, because it must be easier to eat it without the bones. Watermelon on the bone is just too messy to eat.

6.Don't Put Plastic Bags Over Head

Typically there is a sign that says "don't put plastic bags over head" or its imprinted on the bag itself. However, every mother should know that, but this mother is too busy picking out fruit to realize that her youngest has his head completely in the bag, probably at the hands of his older brother.

7.Wieners For kids

Are there special wieners for kids these days? The hot dog has always been a childhood favorite, but adults like them too. Doesn't everybody like wieners? This is just plain old bad advertising with whoever was in charge not realizing the connotation that sign has. Do they not know what other thing wiener can stand for?


8.Peanut Butter Light Bulbs

It clearly says peanut butter, yet all I see are lightbulbs. Sure the peanut butter is all natural, but it looks like so are the lightbulbs. Maybe someone confused natural foods with natural products. It can happen, right? What do they pay people to stock shelves anyway?

9.Scooter Train

Thanks for dusting the floor kids. This mom doesn't care what her kids are doing, as they hang onto her scooter. Who knows for how long this scooter train went on for before she realized that she was sweeping the disgusting supermarket floors with her children. Well, at least we hope those are her own, and not someone else's kids.


10.Baby Liquor

So liquore is "all the best for your baby?" Hmmm. So either the store manager was too lazy to replace the sign, or someone didn't follow instructions and stocked the shelves with liquor instead of strained carrots and applesauce.


You pull out one jar and they all fall. How many times have you seen this happen at a supermarket. They pile them up like a house of cards, so tipsy and dependent on the other. Sure, no one should pull one from the bottom, but some people can't reach the top.



It seems more important to this guy to grab a case of soda, which is ironic, because the soda probably contributed to the weight gain that debilitated him in the first place. Sometimes you just can't teach people about good health and the right thing to do.


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