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15 Strangest Moments Ever Caught In Restrooms

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:51 pm

It's not always that easy to use a public restroom. Many of us find it uncomfortable to use public restrooms for various reasons. At times you will find strange things happening in restrooms, or see people doing bizarre acts. Most of them are funny, while some of them can be frightening! Here are fifteen strangest moments ever in restrooms caught on cam.
1.That's Why You Shouldn't Eat a Whole Fish

Unless you have stomach made of steel, and butts made of jelly rubber, never ever eat a raw fish! This hilarious bathroom moment will make everybody on this planet laugh except that guy who saw it in the bathroom. Well, we think the fish is too big to come out of toilet. We strongly believe in our assumption that someone shit this fish here and left the place! Jokes aside, this is a truly WTF bathroom moment!

That's Why You Shouldn't Eat a Whole Fish-15 Strangest Moments Ever Caught In Restrooms

2.That's Unicorn Poop

Procrastinators and timewasters need no introduction about unicorn poop! However, if you don't know, there's strong feeling among many that a unicorn actually poops glitter and rainbows! Well, before calling us mad, let us tell you that this thing you are seeing in the image is indeed unicorn poop! Unicorns are animals after all. They don't know how to sit properly on a toilet seat!

That's Unicorn Poop-15 Strangest Moments Ever Caught In Restrooms

3.This Buckethead in a Ladies Toilet

If we were to describe this picture in just three English alphabets, can you guess what alphabets we will pick? Yes, W, T and F! This image is truly hilarious. This image is full of questions!
1. What that guy is doing in ladies toilet?
2. Why is there a KFC bucket on his head
3. What does he actually wearing?
4. What does he think about humanity?
Well, this is funny! 

This Buckethead in a Ladies Toilet-15 Strangest Moments Ever Caught In Restrooms

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