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Creepiest Halloween Costumes

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 3:42 pm

1.Cute chicken baby costume

"So Cute ", this baby is looking too cute in this weird costume .However his mother tried to look him scary but he is looking too sweet here. His mother should take care of him as well because at the party, some drunken fools can eat him as he is appearing like a tasty chicken.

2.Walking eyes

These guys too failed to impress me as they are not at all looking scary. These guys really put their efforts to make such a weird costume in which they failed to impress people with their costume. Wearing a business suit along with an eye shaped helmet wouldn't make you ready for Halloween party. It looks like they are promoting the "eyes donation camp".

3.Old Telephones head costume

"hey guys! Look at here... This couple really thinks that they look scary. I really want to ask them a question," Are you people going for protest against the rapid use of mobiles?" I can't understand what do they think just wear a telephone on their face and they will look scary? Come on it's a Halloween party. Try something else.

4.Watermelon face costume

"hehehe" Everybody is going to laugh on him in the Halloween party .May be he thought that it is a unique idea to use watermelon instead of pumpkin for decorating his face. But he failed to look scary as he is looking funny and weird in this costume. Sorry dear but you just failed to impress me.

5.Wacky baby two face

O Jesus! Some people can do anything to look weird, I guess. According to me this guy spent whole his last night to make himself look like this for the Halloween party. I can't understand what is he trying to depict? Is he a baby lover or he just wants to be the scariest person on the earth this year at the party?

6.Toilet costume

What makes him to choose this costume for Halloween party? Somebody go and tell him that he is going for a Halloween party not to clean your toilet party. O God! This poor guy should know that some drunken fools at party are going to pee on him. I must say this boy can win the most weird costume prize.

7.Octopus costume

What's this guy thinks about himself? He is looking too scary for the Halloween party. According to me "Dear, your costume is as dumb as you are. You are looking like half frog and half octopus." I'm having one more question for you, "How will you enjoy the party with such a weird costume?"


8.Scary couple

Wow!!This couple really scared me. This girl is looking quite sexy as well but her boyfriend will cut me off with his axe as he is looking quite angry. I think somebody had already called his girlfriend sexy in front of him that's why he got serious about his weird costume and Halloween party.

9.Dino/man in cage costume

This costume really confused me. I can't understand how this man wore this kind of costume. I really appreciate this guy for his innovative thinking. I'm sure he will be successful in confusing all the people by his costume in which he is carried by a dinosaur in a cage in the Halloween party.


10.Head in the Jar costume

"O god! What's going wrong with you" I'm sure his mother will be fainted after watching him wearing this costume. This little boy really got a brilliant idea to look too scary and weird for the Halloween party. It is a decapitated head costume that looks too realistic and extremely weird.

11.Hell boy halloween costume

I never had an idea that hell boy can ever look that much cute as we used to see him too scary in his movies. So I guess, if director of "hell boy" movies is planning for next version of hell boy, then this child can be a part of that movie in the role of child of hell boy.


12.Shark eat costume

"Shark Eating man" um! Sounds semi-interesting. This guy got brilliant idea to get dressed like this. But I would like to ask him a question,"What reputable shark is having time to go and find a pair of dress shoes?" The idea of this guy is pretty clever but shoes ruin it somehow.

13.Rat Trap costume

O God! This guy is really insane. I can understand sometimes we couldn't decide what to wear for a party and if it is a Halloween party then it is the most difficult thing to decide. But whatever being the level of difficult, I don't think somebody would like to become a dead rat which is trapped very badly.


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