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15 Weirdest Game Shows From Japan

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 5:00 pm

Japan never fails to entertain global audience with its weird and funny game shows. Many of their game shows leave you dumbstruck. Japanese game shows are all about fun and pain. Most of them are sexually explicit or socially awkward! At the end of the day, all of them are made to make people like us laugh. You may have seen funny Japanese game shows here and there, but these, what we are about to show you now is a grand collection of them! 
1.This Painful Yet Funny Japanese Show

Let's begin with this funny game show. This show is all about proving your strength. In this bizarre game, game hosts will put you in multiple rounds of games ranging from dropping random things on your head to throwing you in a pool of very hot water. You can't control your laughter while watching this show.

This Painful Yet Funny Japanese Show-15 Weirdest Game Shows From Japan

2.Surviving the Fall from Wall of Boxes

Watch the entire video. Don't forget to notice the mustache of the game host! The game is simple. As a contestant, you have to sit on top of boxes, where people try to destroy them in different ways. You got to select numbers from 1 to 10, based on which something like a tank, gang of people etc show up to destroy those boxes.

Surviving the Fall from Wall of Boxes-15 Weirdest Game Shows From Japan

3.Candy or Not Candy Japanese Show

This is a popular game in Japan. Things like shoes, plants or everyday household items are made with chocolate. Contestants are supposed to tell what they are about to bite is a candy or not. In this game, you may taste some candy or end up biting real shoes or other random things! This is why Japanese games are weird!

Candy or Not Candy Japanese Show-15 Weirdest Game Shows From Japan

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