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15 People Confess The Meanest Thing They Did To Someone

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 5:10 pm

What was the meanest thing you did to someone? Don't tell us you didn't! Knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, most of us hurt people physically and sometimes emotionally at least once in our life. The list is a collection of such stories where people revealed why and how they hurt someone. Read fifteen funny, emotional, and highly entertaining stories of people telling the meanest thing they have done to someone.  
1.Well, that Escalated Quickly

A couple of years ago, I was hanging out with my best-friend and I realized that he left his Facebook open on my laptop. This was reckless behavior and I had to do something about it. I didn't want to post "coming out of the closet" status update because that was overdone. So I decided to change his relationship status to Engaged. My objective was to cause his notifications to explode and watch him deal with the barrage of awkward phone calls. I was the first to Like and comment, which made it more believable since we are best-friends. This eventually led to his break-up with his gf since it apparently opened a can of worms.

Well, that Escalated Quickly-15 People Confess The Meanest Thing They Did To Someone

2.This Guy Who Was a Rude Kid

Not the meanest, but in kindergarten I told this kid that it would be cool if he cut my hair. Put a lock of my hair in his hand, and gave him the scissors, and told him to cut it. The second he did it, I started fake crying and brought the lock of hair to the teacher saying he cut my hair when I wasn't looking. The worst part is that I remember why I did it, and it was only because I had just realized that I could.
Kids are assholes.

This Guy Who Was a Rude Kid-15 People Confess The Meanest Thing They Did To Someone

3.And the Guy Who Was an Evil Kid

When I was really young (around 6) I took a sand pail like you use at the beach, went over to an ant hill, and scooped up the ants. Then I walked over to a girl that had pissed me off and dumped the contents of the pail on her head.

And the Guy Who Was an Evil Kid-15 People Confess The Meanest Thing They Did To Someone

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