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Most Dangerous Insects

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:17 pm

1.Asian hornet

This is not actually that aggressive, but the problem here is that one sting has a lot of venom and that could end up causing you all kinds of problems. It is limited to living in part of Japan, so as long as you do not go there, then you have nothing to worry about with this insect.

2.Brown recluse

The reason why this spider is dangerous is because after it has bitten you, it will start to eat away at your skin and cause all kinds of damage if not now at least in the future. This means you need to stay away from this spider or beat it to death with a brick just to make sure that it is indeed dead.

3.Rat fleas

Rat fleas have been responsible for killing millions of people thanks to them being the one thing that can really carry the plague. You need to remember that in previous centuries the population of the world was obliterated thanks to this flea, so that alone is good enough for it to be included here.


These flying insects carry a disease that can make anybody feel very ill relatively quickly. The problem is the sheer number of them that exist and if you have some other health issue, then this could be the one thing that pushes you over the edge.


It is easy to understand why the mosquito is in this list because of the risk of contracting malaria from you being bitten by it. The problem here is that they tend to live in areas where they cannot afford the medication to stop the malaria in the first place and that is why this insect is so dangerous.

6.Human bot flies

The horrible thing about these human bot flies is that you will not realize that they are there until they burrow under your skin and start to cause all kinds of problems. If you do not get treatment it can lead to a serious infection and of course in some instances that itself could prove to be fatal.

7.Parasitic worms

These tiny things can actually get inside you and they will feed off things inside your body. This can lead to you becoming very ill indeed and of course if you are already ill with other symptoms, then this issue can be magnified a number of times over.



You may think that the cockroach should not be in here, but in actual fact it is responsible for carrying around a number of diseases that we can then contract. Of course there is also the problem that they are hard to kill and get rid of, so if you have them in your house watch out for your health.

9.Black Widow

This spider may be quite small in size, but it packs one almighty punch that could end up being deadly for some people. It is seriously poisonous and you need to avoid it at all costs or it could result in it being quite a costly mistake on your part.


10.Yellow jackets

They are aggressive, they will not give up chasing you, and ultimately if you are sensitive to this kind of thing, then an attack could result in you being killed. If you have some Yellow jackets in your home, then always get a professional to help you in order to save your own health.

11.Deer tick

The reason why this insect is included is because of the risk of contracting Lymes disease if you are bitten by one. This is a disease that is very serious and indeed in some instances it can actually be fatal, so any insect that can then lead to you dying is certainly very dangerous.



Termites may not immediately appear to be dangerous, but the problem with them is that they can attack crops and damage buildings, so they are dangerous in other ways. Imagine the destruction that they can cause just by eating away at things and it will then become obvious as to why they do indeed deserve to be on this list.


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