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Most Ridiculous Excuses For Calling In Sick

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 12:18 pm

1.Biting deer

Imagine having the nerve to call in sick saying you were bitten by a deer when you were out hunting. Surely the first thing that the boss should have said is that they must be terrible at hunting to allow that to happen in the first place? Use the gun to shoot the deer, do not use it to just hit it or they will bite you!!

2.Beaver chasing

Beaver chasing is clearly a dangerous thing to do because one guy called in sick saying he had hurt his back chasing one at home. The beauty about this excuse is he could stretch it out for a number of days, but the big question is whether or not he caught the offending beaver.

3.Refrigerator accident

One guy is reported to have called in sick saying he could not make it to work because his refrigerator fell on him. That is just one bizarre excuse, but at least there is a good chance that his employer had never heard of that one before.

4.Daughter stole car

Some guy claimed that his 12 year old daughter stole his car so he was unable to get into work. They also made sure that their employer knew they were not calling the police as it was their daughter, so just had to sit and wait it out until it was all sorted. Surely this excuse must have worked simply because of how creative it was?

5.Forgot about the job

Yes believe it or not, but somebody did call in sick to say that they had forgot they had been hired for the job in the first place. That must surely lead to you getting fired to save you the hassle of forgetting again?

6.Dug up

If you know your excuse is ridiculous you may as well go for a cool one. That is certainly the case with the guy that called in sick one day to say he could not work as his grandmother was being exhumed due to a police investigation.

7.Stuck toe

The mental image that is created by this excuse is brilliant because a person called in sick stating that they could not come to work because their toe was stuck in the faucet. Of course any sensible company would then question how it came to be there in the first place and you just know that they would then need to get very creative indeed.


8.Poor dog

According to a survey that was carried out there are people that have called in sick claiming that they cannot come to work as their dog is having some kind of a mental breakdown. It is actually quite clever turning the attention onto your dog because how could it answer back and give the game away?

9.Flour truck

A woman was reported as having called in sick stating that she was in the line buying coffee when a truck carrying flour dumped its load in her convertible. Well it may be ridiculous, but at least it is creative and a bit different from the normal excuses you hear.


10.Split trousers

This is not only ridiculous, but it is also very lame in the extreme. People have actually called their work and said that they are unable to come in because their trousers split as they were going there. Why that then means that they cannot come to work at all that day is a mystery because surely they were not that attached to the pair?

11.Puppy to blame

A puppy is cute, but one guy reportedly called in sick saying he had managed to get a cold from his puppy. Imagine going to the extent of using a puppy to come up with a stupid excuse and how exactly would that work anyway?



Yes believe it or not, but a woman once called in sick claiming she could not get into work because bats had flown into her hair. This immediately conjures up images of her hair being absolutely huge and the bat being all confused as to how it has become tangled up in something that resembles a net.


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