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15 People Reveal The Stuff They Regret Knowing

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 4:51 pm

As human beings, we love to know many things. The curiosity to learn new things is something that's there in our DNA. As you already know, there are two kinds of people, the good ones and the bad ones. While the curiosity to learn is same among the two, the bad ones learn bad stuff. Irrespective of good or bad, sometimes, it's better not to know a few things and few secrets. We have fifteen people here who revealed the stuff they strongly regret knowing. As we said earlier, sometimes, it's better to stay uninformed and ignorant about things!  
1.This Weird Underwear

My step father has underwear that is supposed to look like an elephant when worn.

This Weird Underwear-15 People Reveal The Stuff They Regret Knowing

2.That Was Very Sad Indeed

When I was younger a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. For a time she was stuck in a hospital bed and lost a lot of weight. They told her to expect a full recovery though, and she was excited to get back on the school swim team with all of her lost weight.
Well my sister was an EMT and friends with the girl's pastor. He was describing to her how hard it was to hear this girl all excited about getting healthy again, when she was terminal and did not know it. My sister let this information slip in conversation with me.
I sat in front of this girl every day at lunch. I hung out with her. We talked on MySpace. We had the same friends. I knew she was going to die, she had no idea. And she had much closer friends who were also clueless.
I never did tell her or anyone else. She passed away eventually.

That Was Very Sad Indeed-15 People Reveal The Stuff They Regret Knowing

3.One Good reason You Shouldn't Invade Parent's Bedroom

I know that my parents, at one point, have used "chocolate body paint". That was the last time I tried searching my parents bedroom for presents before Christmas.

One Good reason You Shouldn't Invade Parent's Bedroom-15 People Reveal The Stuff They Regret Knowing

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