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15 People Reveal The Stuff They Regret Knowing

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 4:51 pm

As human beings, we love to know many things. The curiosity to learn new things is something that's there in our DNA. As you already know, there are two kinds of people, the good ones and the bad ones. While the curiosity to learn is same among the two, the bad ones learn bad stuff. Irrespective of good or bad, sometimes, it's better not to know a few things and few secrets. We have fifteen people here who revealed the stuff they strongly regret knowing. As we said earlier, sometimes, it's better to stay uninformed and ignorant about things!  
4.How, Why and What for?

My mother-in-law gave me WAY too many details about the differences in my husband and his brother's penises.

How, Why and What for?-15 People Reveal The Stuff They Regret Knowing

5.When He Learned About His Dad's Shady Past

I know that my father used to be a drug dealer and was incarcerated for some time.
Now he's a typical suburban house-dad and you would never think he ever served time.
My aunt got drunk at a party and blurted it out to me. The second she did, she realized what she said and walked away. I did some research online and saw that he served time back in the 70's. I was too afraid to spend the five bucks to see exactly what his sentence was.

When He Learned About His Dad's Shady Past-15 People Reveal The Stuff They Regret Knowing

6.This Surprise Finding

That the Department of Human Services in Iowa, spends over $1000 a month to provide dildos to women in abuse shelters. I saw the invoices when I worked for the local porn dealer.

This Surprise Finding-15 People Reveal The Stuff They Regret Knowing

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