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Recently Extinct Animals

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 9:25 am

1.Liverpool Pigeon

This is a bird that is a bit of a mystery because we do not really know where it came from or where it mainly lived, but we do know that it was declared extinct in 2008. They think it came from Tahiti, so perhaps with the fact we know so little it is no surprise that there are none left.

2.Hawaiian Crow

This bird was actually declared as being extinct in the wild in 2002 although there are still some alive in captivity. They suspect that a type of malaria could have played a part in killing them off, so at least it was not just down to us humans.

3.Bubal Hartebeest

There is some confusion as to whether or not this species is indeed extinct or even the date when that happened. Some argue that it has been extinct since the 20s, but there are still some in captivity, so in that respect it is only extinct in the wild.

4.Golden Toad

This particular toad only lived in a part of Costa Rica, but nobody has seen one alive since 1989, so it is now presumed to be extinct. They are blaming pollution and global warming for it vanishing from the animal record.

5.Black Faced Honeycreeper

This is a bird that you would have only found on the island of Maui in Hawaii, but now you have to go with this photograph due to it now being extinct. They put this down to the possibility of disease being the cause of them dying off.

6.Alaotra Grebe

This bird was declared extinct in 2010 even though nobody has actually seen one in the wild since 1982. It should have been found in Madagascar, but of course now we only have a grainy picture to go by.

7.Pyrenean Ibex

This is actually a subspecies of the Spanish ibex, but it has been extinct since the year 2000. However, they have been making a clone in recent years, so perhaps this is going to be brought back from the dead.


8.Mariana Mallard

You do wonder how a subspecies of duck can become extinct, but that is actually something that has happened here. It is a bit of a shame that it happened, but then who would actually have noticed if it had not been mentioned here?

9.Caribbean Monk Seal

This was the only native seal to this part of the world, but it was declared extinct in 2008. In all honesty the writing was on the wall for quite some time before it, but ultimately we now have to consign it to the archives due to there being no live examples left.


10.Western Black Rhino

This was a rare subspecies of rhino, so it is perhaps no surprise that it was unable to survive and was, therefore, poached into extinction. This one was based mainly in the Cameroon area, but it was declared extinct just after 2000 and yes it was down to them being hunted.

11.Yangtze River Dolphin

This dolphin, as in the species not this exact one, was last seen alive in 2002 and scientists have actually covered more than 2000 miles trying to find one alive, but without any luck. They claim that it is due to over fishing destroying their food supply, so yes we have indeed killed this one off.


12.Pinta Island tortoise

This species was declared extinct recently after the last one, which was around at the time of Darwin, died. Scientists had tried for years to get him to mate until the last female died, so it was just a matter of time before this subspecies became a thing of the past.


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