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12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:59 am

Reddit is one of the most active internet hangout places for millions of people around the world. It is a place where they share lots of things ranging from news to personal stories. There's one Subreddit on Reddit with the name, "Let's Not Meet," which is exclusively used by Redditors for sharing creepy personal experiences and stories of themselves or someone they know. If you love reading eerie, scary, and disturbing personal life stories, you have to read these 12 Reddit "Let's Not Meet" stories. 
7.One More Creepy Story

I just found this sub and I wanted to share my own experience. It happened when I was 13 and it's something I've never forgotten.
We had just moved into a brand new house in a brand new housing development. A lot of the houses around us were either unfinished or had families that had just moved in. Behind our house was a lot of field mostly for more future houses.
We lived in a fairly safe small city and the housing development was very quiet so for the first few years we lived there we never bothered to lock the doors. Even at night most of the time it just wasn't something we thought about.
My parents had just put in hardwood floor so the house was a pretty echoey single story. One night as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep I thought I heard the back sliding glass door open. I was up late on the internet but everyone else was asleep so the house was quiet. I had my door slightly open so my cat could come and go and so I knew that I was definitely hearing something.
I froze, hoping it wasn't the door but a moment later I heard it slide shut. Then I began to hear what sounded like heavy shoes walking across the hardwood floor. It was a very specific sound and suddenly I couldn't breathe. The footsteps were slow and quiet, like they were trying to make as little noise as possible, but because the floor was wood and our house had high ceilings, the steps echoed down the hallway to my room. Then I heard them stop, the sound of the hallway closet being opened, and then the door quietly clicking shut, like they turned the knob, pulled the door closed, and then released the knob it once it was in place.
It was silent after that. My heart was beating so fast and I began crying. The only way to my parents room was up the hallway. Their door was only about 20 feet away from where that hallway closet was. I was frozen and I honestly thought I would pee my pants I was so scared.
However it was silent for long enough that I knew I had to get my dad. So I stood up and walked sock footed to my door. I stood there for a long time breathing.
Then I ran. It's not a long hallway but I went as fast as I could. I got inside their room and tried to wake my dad up.
"Dad...Dad!" I was frantically whispering.
"Huh" he was half asleep
"Huh what?"
"Dad I think there's someone inside the house"
"Get up I think there's someone inside the house!"
"There's no one in here go back to sleep"
"Yes there is" I start crying.
That gets him up. My mom also wakes up at this point as well. So they both get out of bed. My dad, sure there's no one in the house, doesn't even grab something as a weapon. But I follow behind him as he leaves the room. He goes into the living room, passes the closet, turns on all the lights in the house. I remember standing in the living room, knowing exactly where the person was and not being able to say anything. He tells me look, there's no one. He doesn't check the closet though. And I don't tell him to. I'm so afraid that who ever is in there will jump out with a knife and kill my dad in front of me and 13 year old me keeps thinking I can't be the one responsible for my dad's death. So I say nothing. And I don't tell him to check the closet. I don't know why he didn't because if I were a dad I would have. He locks the front door and tells me to go back to bed.
They wait until I'm back in my room before they close their own bedroom door and go back to sleep. Again the house is silent and I'm laying there afraid because that person is still in here in the one place he didn't look.
Suddenly I hear the closet door open, just as slowly and as quietly as before. Then the footsteps again. I could hear them so clearly walking towards the kitchen were the backdoor is and they stop. That's followed by the sound of the backdoor being slid open and then quietly being pushed closed again. I hear the backdoor click into place. And then the house is silent.
I'm laying there crying and breathing but hearing them leave the house, I felt instant relief though I was still shaking with fear. I give it a few minutes hoping they wouldn't come back. And they don't. So after a bit I sneak out there. My one and only thought is to lock the back door which I manage to do but the scariest part was that when I looked at the hall closet the door wasn't closed anymore. It was cracked because they hadn't bothered to close it after they left though I know it was definitely closed when my dad was out there with me.
I tried bringing it up to them years later and they still didn't believe me. But that's not something you just hear.

One More Creepy Story-12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

8.This Brave Mom

I grew up in rural southern Mississippi, a loooooong time ago. Long before cell phones. My stepfather had a job as a trucker for a short while, and was off on a job. Mom and I were home alone together often during this time he would be on the road, a 9-10 year old girl and a slight woman, not even 5 feet tall.
My mother and I were watching TV when our dog, Mandy, who was just sleeping on the floor suddenly stood up and started growling. She went to the door and growled, then sort of woofed a little, not an actual loud bark, then went over to a window and started pacing rooms, growling and whimpering. She was just a mutt, not any kind of a guard dog, and she NEVER acted like this.
My mother was instantly on alert. She said "heinleinfan, I'm going to get my gun (a .38 pistol), you turn off the lights in the kitchen and the dining room, and look out those windows and tell me if you see anything, and stay low."
I turned out the lights and then crawled over to the dining room windows...looked out...this side of the yard had our gas tank about 10 feet from the house, and a GIANT oak tree about 10 feet to the left and past the gas tank. It was dark, but I saw a man kind of hunched over, like a cartoon character sneaking, dart from behind the tree, to duck down behind the gas tank. I called out to my mother "He's behind the gas tank, just one guy". I couldn't see anything about him, all dark clothes and a mask on and a hat.
She was at the front door at that point, perpendicular to the side I was viewing, and she opened the door and fired 2 shots into the air, not even towards where he was. The guy that was ducked behind the gas tank LIT THE FRACK OUT. I don't think I've ever seen someone run so fast.
Then my mom told me: she'd grabbed the phone, of course, heading to go get her gun, but it was dead, so we needed to go get to a phone. She said we'd go on 3 and that I should run to the car, get in as fast as I could and lock the door. She did so as well, but was holding the gun still, pointed up, very clearly armed. She drove us to the neighbor's in the opposite direction the guy had run, called the cops.
When they came out to look over the place and all that, they let us know our phone wasn't dead, the phone line going into the house had been cut.
- heinleinfan

This Brave Mom-12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

9.This Creepy Old Predator!

This happened about 4 years ago when I was in 4th grade so I was about 9 or 10 at the time and I went to this little public school which I won't name I lived in a quiet town where everybody knew everybody a peaceful town.
A place you wouldn't expect a rapist to live anyways I don't know if they do this at other schools but at my school there was a thing called Morning Sing were kids would sing to a certain song on the board.I didn't like loud noises because they hurt my ears and I would always sit outside and read books.
On this day I was reading one of the Harry Potter books I think it was Half Blood Prince I may be wrong.
So I was reading when I heard a voice someone saying"Hey come here" I ignored it thinking it was a conversation two other people were having so I went back to reading my book then I saw an old man I thought to myself "He's probably just walking"then I saw him start to cross the street I started to get up and knock on the door so someone would let me in because these doors had an automatic lock so when you went out someone had to let you back in.
Then he said the words that I can remember to this day "Don't be afraid I haven't seen a little boy in so long".That was my breaking point I was banging on this door as hard as I could the old man started to run faster than any old man I've seen when my teacher opened the door now this teacher was a great teacher nice dependable and strong he was even nicknamed after the wrestler Mr.T.
I told him what happened and told him what way the creep went he ran after him and tackled him to the ground.The authorities arrived soon after and arrested the man he's now no longer around children or schools and I have a restraining order against him so even as an adult he can't try to have his way with me Mr.T if you're reading this we should talk sometime.
- SpoopyJWoopy

This Creepy Old Predator!-12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

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