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Scary Deformed Animals

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 5:49 pm

1.Featherless Rooster

This is what happens when a few students decide to play 'Mad Scientist.' This featherless rooster was bred at Hebrew University in Israel. The rooster appears to be inside-out and that huge bulge underneath its next looks like a bad case of gout. With any hope, this rooster is just lounging around and not breeding any offspring.

2.Deformed Dog

This pitbull is named Picasso and comes from New York. It has both a scary yet helpless presence. Pitbulls are often seen as terrifying dogs, and being that this one is deformed, it only adds to that perception. This dog's mouth area is completely deformed, making it problematic for the animal to eat.

3.Deformed Calf

This calf looks like it was slaughtered and then left to die. As much as this animal seems like it's ready to be brought to the butcher, it's actually just a deformed calf. The animal is so mutated that it is completely unrecognizable. The only recognizable aspect of the calf is its legs; everything else just looks like raw meat.

4.Two-Headed Deformed Pig

This little pig needs to be put out of its misery ASAP. This two-headed pig appears to be decomposing right before your very eyes. The pig has no color and has taken on an almost rat-like form. The pig's rotten and decrepit teeth and snout make you want to hurl.

5.Deformed Squirrel

If you saw this squirrel in your yard, you'd pack up and move right away. Aside from its face, everything about this squirrel is deformed. It only has one functioning eye and its coat of fur is scarce and discolored. On top of that, squirrelsare known to perch themselves up on their hind legs, but this deformed animals legs are spread so far apart there's no way that's happening.

6.One-eyed shark

Sharks are scary enough as it is, and a one-eyed shark is just as bad. This fetus shark, which suffers from cyclopia, was found in Mexico. It measures 22-inches in length and has one functioning eye on its head. Thankfully, Cyclops sharks don't live long, and most don't even live outside the womb, but this one somehow made it out alive.

7.Deformed Turtle

Humans are to blame for this turtle's deformity. This turtle's figure-eight shape came about from a six-pack plastic soda ring. The poor turtle became trapped within the ring, giving it an odd shape. The tortoise doesn't move to act any different than normal, but because of littering, it's stuck in a weird shape.


8.Mutant Pig Monkey

This odd creature is a mutant pig monkey. The deformed animal was born in China and even its owners were scared to see such an animal. The animal has the face of a monkey and the body of a pig. It has two thin lips, a tiny nose and two huge translucent eyes. The pig monkey'shind legs are much longer than its forelegs, so instead of walking or running, it jumps.

9.Chinese crested-Chihuahu

Yoda, the Chinese crested-Chihuahuis not pleasant to look at, but he made the most of his horrific looks. In 2011, Yoda won top honors at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, by clenching the title of 'World's Ugliest Dog.' Her win led to a whirlwind of television appearances and newspaper features. Yoda died in her sleep in 2012.


10.One-Eyed Kitten

This is Cy, the one-eyed kitten. Cy (short for Cyclops) was born with one eye and no nose on December 28, 2006. According to experts, Cy had a condition called Holoprosencephaly, which causes facial deformities. His owner cared for him as much as she could, but Cy died just a few days after his birth.


Aye-Ayes are grotesque looking animals. They resemble a rat mixed with a mutated bat. Aye-Ayes are a breed of lemur they can be found in Madagascar, but are of European origin. These repulsive nocturnal creatures are harmless. They spend most of their time in eating, sleeping and mating in trees.


12.Four-Legged Chicken

This is one chicken that you don't want to sink your teeth into. This disturbing creature is a four-legged chicken. Although the chicken has two normal legs and its wings, it also has two mutant legs attached to his backside. This four-legged chicken was found back in 2005 in China.


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