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Top Ways To Scare Someone

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 8:41 am

1.Look Behind Them With Terror

When you talking to your friend, suddenly look behind you. Open your eyes wide and stare with terror on your face. Keeping doing it until they look behind them and back at you. Keep the look going until they scream and run behind you in fear. It works every time.

2.Disappear On A Walk In The Woods

Take a walk and suddenly disappear. The more remote the location the better. Woods, hiking trail, and dark streets are all great ideas. Use a distraction and then disappear and watch from afar as they try to find you and their terror grows. Wait as long as you like to get a great laugh.

3.Use Props Like A Fake Knife

Props are a great way to really scare someone. They can be bought at any Halloween or joke store. A knife through the head or heart, a severed arm or legs, guts hanging out of the body. Any of these and more will work to scare someone, at least momentarily.

4.Throw A Fake Spider At Them

There are some really great fake spiders out there. The more lifelike the better. Throw it in their path or put it in their seat or table. Watch them scream in horror as they think it's real and then play along, but refuse to kill it. Most people will run from the room, or jump up on the furniture.

5.Take Them To A Haunted House

Haunted houses are known to be scary. Take your friend to the scariest one you can think of where character look like statues until you walk by and then they jump out. The scarier and darker the house the better it will be. You can even scare them yourself while inside.

6.Figure Out Their Biggest Fear

Figure out their biggest fear and play up on it. If they don't like being in the dark, turn off the lights. If they don't like scary dolls, place on on their bed. If they're afraid of insects, put fake ones in their food. The possibilities are endless. Everyone has at least one fear.

7.Pull A Prank

Pranks are a great way to scare someone. Any prank will do as long as it's a surprise. Showing up behind them in a video or mirror, jumping out at them as they pass by, having them think you're dead as they find you on the floor. Use your imagination and you can come up with some great ideas.


8.Stare At Someone

Suddenly just stare at someone and hold he stare. The more you can make your eyes bulge without blinking the better. Keep staring even when they tell you to stop. You want to have a blank look on your face, as if you have suddenly turned into a zombie with only one thing in mind ... murder.

9.Sneak Up From Behind

Sneaking up from behind someone when they least expect it always works for a quick scare. Be really quiet, tip toe if you have to, until you are really close and then either grab them from behind or scream. Everyone is afraid of someone doing that for real, and they always feel vulnerable.


10.Dress In A Scary Costume

Show up in a scary costume, with maybe your head decapitated or blood pouring out of your neck. The scarier the better. It doesn't have to be Halloween to give someone a good scare. Get creative and play up the eyes, wear a crazy wig, and paint your face white.

11.Tell A Scary Story

Tell scary stories in the dark, the scarier the better. Tell them slow and in a hushed voice, shouting at certain moments to jolt your listener. Stories about being vulnerable and someone sneaking up on someone, are great ways to scare someone as they listen in horror. Make it up or look for some great books online.



Scream really loud for no good reason at all. That's enough to send shivers down anyone's spine whether they are right next to you or in the next room. Scream really loud in a high pitched, blood curdling scream and don't stop until they are thoroughly scared. Works every time.


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