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Weird Celebrity Closeups

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 11:24 am

1.Kaley Cuoco

This Big Bang theory starlet is making audiences roar all over the world with her fellow geek friends. This drooley looking, gum chewing picture is a real testament to the fact that she is comfortable in her own skin, despite her ultra pretty girl role on the hit show. With her sense of humor, we are sure this cute picture makes her laugh. 

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2.Carrot Top

When it comes to weird and quirky stand up comedians, this red headed fellow takes his prop act to all sorts of crazy levels. Looking like a mix between a raggedy Anne doll and a thunder cat, he has been lighting up the Las Vegas stage for years. He is no stranger to weird looks as he has honed a unique look all his own.

3.Keith Richards

This musical giant is in a category all his own. Not only is he one of the greatest rock stars ever but he can have his face be whatever it is and it's all good with him. Through years of drug abuse and being able to come out on top, he is still rocking and rolling with the Rolling Stones on tour all over the world.

4.Johnny Depp

When it comes to movie stars, this guy has really skyrocketed in the last decade. Prior to that he did mostly films that not a lot of people saw. Who knew how influential an ambiguous pirate would be over the whole world. Now he commands the top money in the business and makes whatever films he wants.

5.Lil Kim

This little beauty has come and gone and then reappeared like so many sensual sweethearts from the nineties. This one just happened to cause quite a stir in the rap game. She had two coasts feuding over involvement with her. Even this picture still shows her in her glory. All these years and for sure she is still looking groovy.

6.Sarah Palin

For a good looking woman to have put her foot in her mouth as much as this Alaskan politician, there should be some kind of prize to go along with the animal heads on the wall. To capture this kind of wonderful facial moment from ms. Alaska all you would have to do is ask her a really hard question, like who is the American president.

7.Jenny McCarthy

Even ex playboy playmates can take horrible pictures too. Especially if your mrs. McCarthy and you have based your whole career on being a hot blonde that makes stupid faces so you can seem quirky and down to earth. We were buying it back in the 90s. Now we are looking for a little more.


8.Elton John

The loving music maker has been stirring up controversies for years. He has definitely shown some different styles and he is no stranger to look g like a queen fool. This picture just happens to capture a most unique moment of being kicked in the groin. I'd be willing to bet this tiny dancer walked away just fine.

9.Bruce Jenner

Now we have all scene this guy look pretty ridiculous, so this shot is one to add to the books. It's a shame what has happened to this guy. But that's what you get when you hang around the likes that he does. Amazing that this guy at one point was a super star athlete in triathlon. Learn a lesson here, kids.


10.Kirstie Alley

This now infamous thin again off again ex cheers actress has been trying to get back into the game for a while now. She still gets roles but there certainly aren't what they could have been, had she not gone off the deep end a little bit. It also didn't help that she is a cheerleader for Scientology when ever she gets the chance.

11.James Franco

Since his breakout role as the rebel without a cause, James Dean, he has been lighting up the screen ever since. He has come a long way from the charming teen comedy freaks and Geeks, directed by none other than the now very famous Judd Apatow. James Franco has been leading the way in comedies as well as dramas. He always keeps us guessing.


12.Jennifer Aniston

She has been been winning the hearts of America for decades now. Since her groundbreaking role on Friends as Rachel, she has taken off into quite a successful film career. Whether playing comedy or drama she is bound to move something inside you. It's just nice to see she can take a horrible picture as well.


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