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Weird Laws In Oregon

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 8:17 pm

1.No Animals Having sex

Animals are not allowed, by Oregon law, to have sex with each other outside and in full sight. How this law is enforced is not known, and why it's on the books is even more of a mystery. Most people will separate their dogs if they are displaying this behavior anyway, but beware if you don't.

2.No Walking Backwards While Eating A Doughnut

If you decide to eat a doughnut outside in Oregon, please do not walk backwards while doing so. It is against Oregon law to put yourself in such jeopardy. So many bad things can happen to you and others if you eat a doughnut while walking backwards. Maybe you'll walk back in time and realize that eating a doughnut is not a good idea for your waistline.

3.No Pumping Your Own Gas

No one really like to pump their own gas, but we do it to save a buck or two. In Oregon it is against the law to pump your own gas, you must have someone else do it. So the next time you're at a gas station in Oregon you may be asked to pump someone's gas and if you want a fill up, you must ask some other customer to do it for you.

4.No Predicting The Future

If in Oregon and you have the ability to predict the future, do not do it, but then again, if you could predict the future you would already know the outcome. It is against Oregon law to predict the future. So leave your crystal ball and home and turn off any of your psychic powers when entering that state.

5.No Untied Shoelaces Outside

If you live in Oregon, or plan to visit, make sure to double knot your shoelaces. If they are untied while you are outside, it's against the law. The police are looking for untied shoelaces as you walk by and if they see it, they will arrest you for such a heinous crime.

6.No Weddings At A Skating Rink

Who would want to get married on the ice? Maybe an obsessed figure skater or a hockey player, or maybe just those who love ice. However, if you're in Oregon, don't even think about getting married at a skating rink. It is against the law. /a weird law on the Oregon books.

7.No Knocking Off A Snakes Head With Your Cane

When using a cane and walking anywhere that there are snakes, do not, and we repeat, do not, knock their heads off with your cane. If you are in Oregon and are caught doing this, you may be subject to arrest and imprisonment. It does sound tempting to get close to a snake and risk being bitten, but jut don't do it.


8.No Leaving Human Feces On Side Of Road

Just in case you have it in your mind to carry your feces around in a bag and then decide to throw it on the side of the road ... don't There is a law against leaving feces on the side of the road in Oregon. So make sure to dump your feces into a nearby toilet instead.

9.No Whispering Dirty Words During sex

This law seems like something straight out of Big Brother. How would the law know what you are doing during your most intimate moments with your lover? Well, apparently in Oregon they know if you whisper dirty words into your lover's ear. Be careful, and make sure only to whisper nice things.


10.No Roller Skates in Rest Room

If you have roller skates on when in a restroom in Oregon you are in big trouble with the law. It is forbidden to wear your wheels when using the Ladies room or mens room. Who wears roller skates while going to the bathroom? Maybe at a roller rink, but then would you be required to use the restroom in your socks?

11.No Whistling Under Water

In Oregon you are not allowed to whistle while under water. If you do, you could be subject to arrest. It makes you wonder if they have police stationed underneath the sea watching to see if anyone is whistling. Is it even possible to whistle underwater? Must be if the law is on the books.


12.No Smoking Marijuana After Legally Buying It

In Oregon they have some weird laws on the books, such as this one. It is legal to buy marijuana but you are not allowed to smoke it. What kind of law is that? What would you do with it after buying it? Maybe go to a state that allows you to smoke it but not buy it?


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