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Weird Turns Ons Which People Won't Admit

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 9:45 am

1.Girl Sucking Popsicle

If you've ever seen a man's eyes glaze over when a girl is sucking on a popsicle, licking an ice cream cone or even eating a banana, then you know that this act empties their brains of blood, as it races through their body to assist another body part. Imagining that they are the object of all that lip attention, men can hardly think straight when they catch a glimpse of this act.

2.Giant Pythons

There's something about a giant snake wrapped around a sexy girl that drives men crazy. Maybe they imagine their snake doing the same. And women, while they seem squeamish to actually touch a snake, the sight of one slithering around turns them on as they imagine another more familiar and similarly shaped object that gives them pleasure.

3.Spanking (Or Being Spanked)

If you ever watched the film, The Secretary, you've seen just how much spanking, and being spanked, can be enjoyed. The spanker takes on the dominant role, while the spankee takes on the submissive. The spanker enjoys the power he has, while the spankee enjoys the pain, feeling like a naughty little girl.

4.Oiling Up A Bald Head

Guys can be self conscious about going bald, but there are some women who prefer it. They get off rubbing their man's bald head, and maybe even oiling it up and then rubbing it all over their body. We saw a version of this on Seinfeld when George had an affair with a female office maintenance worker, and was found in his apartment with her oiling up his head.

5.Chubby Chaser

With everyone seeming so health conscious and most people doing anything to be thin, there are those who like the chub. In fact, not only do they like it, they love it and desire it. It borders on a fetish when thin males or females seek out people specifically because they are chubby.

6.Co-Joined Twins

A very strange turn on that most people would never admit to is their secret desire to have sex with co-joined twins. They imagine what it would be like to kiss two people who are attached. Would it really be considered a threesome? Do they share on genitalia? These are questions that run through their minds, turning them on.

7.Little People

As weird s it sounds, some regular sized people. are turned on by the thought of having sex with little people. There is a whole sub-culture of porn dedicated to little people, which includes little people on little people, but also little people with regular sized people. It might just be the taboo of it all.


8.Sniffing Panties

Some guys are so turned on by women's panties, it's not all about getting them off their lover to see her naked, it's about feeling them and sniffing them, and just absorbing them. Some guys like to go through their girlfriend's panty drawers just to look at and feel all her unmentionables.

9.Being Watched

As opposed to voyeurs, some people like to watched. Most are exhibitionists who love to put on a show. They might invite someone into their bedroom to watch them make love, allowing the viewer to pleasure themselves while watching. While these people enjoy being watched, they hardly ever invite the viewer to participate with them.



Being a voyeur is a lot like watching live porn. Voyeurs get off watching other people undress and/or have sex. Most get even more worked up when they are hidden and the other person, or persons, does not know they are there, while other voyeurs like to be seen and enjoy pleasuring themselves during the show.

11.Peeing On Someone Or Being Peed On

Believe it or not some people like to pee on their lover, and some lovers like to be peed. The exact reason is unknown, but it seems the person peeing sees it as some sort of dominance, while the person being peed on is more of a submissive. Lucky we're not elephants!


12.Sucking Toes

Sucking toes may sound gross to some people, but to others it just as sensual as kissing. The toe suckers are typically turned on by the entire foot, and if they would fit it all into their mouth they would.. Sucking on the toes, like they were a delicacy at their favorite seafood restaurant, toe suckers can get really worked up with the right feet.


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