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Weird Uses Of Petroleum Jelly That You Didn't Know

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 7:28 pm

1.Preventing Diaper Rash

Petroleum jelly is perfect for your little one's sensitive skin. Urine can cause diaper rash, which is very uncomfortable for babies. Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly on their skin in their diaper, prevents urine from getting through to the skin, subsequently preventing diaper rash. If a rash is already existing, petroleum jelly can soothe the skin and help it to heal faster.

2.Removing Gum

Forget the peanut butter, petroleum jelly is easier and more effective for removing gum out of your hair. Apply some to the gum and surrounding hair and begin to manipulate with your fingers, scrunching it over and over again. Never pull, and as you work the petroleum jelly, apply more if needed. The gum should come right out with no pain.

3.Removing Stains

Scrubbing a stain with petroleum jelly will make your job a lot easier. The viscous base of the jelly removes the stain easier than most household items made for the specific reason. For tough stains, the remaining color will fade with the petroleum jelly. Use on clothes and other fabrics.

4.Treating Cuts

The original use for petroleum jelly was to treat wounds. It is still the best way to prevent dirt and germs from getting into a cut. It forms a protective seal over the opening in your skin, where bacteria, dirt and debris cannot get past. This allows your skin to heal faster under the protective barrier.

5.Loosen Tight Lid

It's easy to loosen a tight lid with petroleum jelly. Sneak a small amount between the lid and the container with a butter knife and then turn the lid. Surprise, it opens easily. If you want to be proactive, you can apply a thin layer to the outside rim of the jar before putting the lid back on for an easier opening next time.

6.Shining Shoes

Just like petroleum jelly moistens the skin, it also moistens leather. It is great for shoe shining. A thin layer on the upper part of the shoes, not the sole, and then wipe off with a clean cloth. Rub until the desire shine appears on your shoes. You will be surprised at how your shoes look brand new.

7.De-Squeak A Door

Forget the DW40, a bit of petroleum jelly will fix a squeaky door in no time. Apply a coating on hinges and pins on your doors and your home or office will no longer sound like a haunted house. The great part about petroleum jelly is that it is thick enough to stick to the hinges without falling off.


8.Removing Dried Adhesive

You're glad when adhesive hold super tight, but when you want to get it off, it can be really hard. And forget about it, if you get the adhesive on the cover of the tube or jar. However, petroleum jelly can come to the rescue, making it easier to open the top and to get dried adhesive off windows, walls and other surfaces.

9.Preventing Car Battery Erosion

A little proactivity goes a long way. By applying a little petroleum jelly on the terminals on your battery and you can delay batter corrosion. This type of build up in your batter can not only damage the battery, but your car. It's a little known secret that can save you a lot of time and money.


10.Removing Tight Ring

Sometimes our hands can swell and it can be hard to remove a ring that, otherwise, fits perfectly. It can also be the fault of the ring that reforms over time, making it fit more snugly. And last, cracking your knuckles or arthritis can change the shape of your knuckle. Regardless of the cause, a little petroleum jelly on the ring and skin can make it slide right off.

11.Moistening Your Lips

Petroleum jelly is a great moistener for dry, cracked lips. Use it under lipstick or alone, for a glossy natural look. It will protect your lips from further drying as well as from developing lip wounds. Dry air, cold weather or extreme sunlight can dry out lips. Use protection to keep your lips looking great.


12.Polishing Your Nails

Unless your a pro, nail polish sometimes gets on your skin, even with the most care taken. Applying a light coat of petroleum jelly on your nails head of polishing, you can wipe it all after nails are dry. This is a great technique to produce nails that look like you just stepped out of the salon.


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