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Weird Vending Machines

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 4:14 pm

1.Beer and Sake Vending Machine

The line to use this beer and sake vending machine must be wrapped around the corner on the weekends. Other countries must be jealous, as this beer and sake vending machine is located in Japan. It is stocked with several different beer and sake brands. Sadly, this vending machine closes every night at 11 p.m.

2.Egg Vending Machine

Which came first, vending machine or the egg? This egg vending machine can be found in Nagoya, Japan. Eggs can spoil fairly easy and they aren't the type of food you can just leave out overnight. Fortunately, this vending machine is stocked with fresh eggs every morning. A bag of about 10-12 eggs cost $3.

3.Hot Dog Vending Machine

If you've always been uneasy about buying hot dogs from vendors on the street, then this little machine will make your day. This hot dog vending machine is located in the U.S. The machine warms both the hot dog and the bun, before serving it to customers. No word on how customers get condiments.

4.Pecan Pie Vending Machine

This pecan pie vending machine is located in Cedar Creek, Texas. Texans can buy a baked pecan pie from this vending machine at Berdoll Pecan Farm right outside its retail store. Each pie costs $17.50. This pecan pie must taste like heaven for it to be encased in a vending machine.

5.The Lobster Zone

Highway to the Lobster Zone. This odd vending machine is a game that allows you to catch your own meat. This machine was situated outside of the now defunct Tinoco's Bistro in Las Vegas. Visitors would put$2 in the machine and try to catch their own dinner. If the customer was able to grab a lobster, the restaurant would cook it for them for free.

6.Burger Vending Machine

This burger vending machine is located at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, which is convenient for people who want to grab a quick bite to eat before boarding. This is a marvel idea, but what if you want your burger cooked a certain way? And where do you get the condiments?

7.Fresh Bread Vending Machine

If you're itching for some bread while you're out running errands, then you'll probably love this vending machine. One of the good aspects of this machine is that there are several different breads to choose from. However, this photo poses the question - how fresh can bread from out of a vending machine really be?


8.French Fries Vending Machine

This French fries vending machine will not be giving McDonalds a run for its money. The machine stores frozen potatoes. The fries are made inside the machine, with the help of a little robot. When someone puts their money in for an order, the robot flash fries them for about two minutes and then seasons them before serving. The fries cost between $1.50-$2.00.

9.Hot Steamy Frozen Food

Frozen food can be a hit or miss. Grocery stores are full of them, so it's odd to see a vending machine that offers hot versions of foods you only buy when you're too lazy to cook. The machine has these appetizing photos of the food so customers will know what they're getting, but the odds of them actually looking like that are very low.


10.Dole Banana Vending Machine

This Dole vending machine can be found in Tokyo's Shibuya train station. A passerby canpurchase either a single banana or a bunch of bananas; with both being wrapped in plastic. Each banana costs $1.50, which is far more expensive than what the people of Tokyo pay for them at the grocery store.

11.Lettuce Vending Machine

This $90K vending machine is called The Chef's Farm. This machine is found in Japan and contains rows upon rows of lettuce. Apparently, this vending machine can grow up to 60 heads of lettuce a day using just florescent light bulbs. It would be very weird for a person to just randomly go purchase some stale lettuce from a machine when they can just go to the market.


12.Wonder Pizza

Pizza is at its best when it's served piping hot out of the oven. This pizza vending machine makes you wonder how fresh it is. Several of the ingredients on a basic pizza can spoil if you leave it out too long, so there must be a lot of moldy pizza inside this machine.


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