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Weird Accidents Which Are Hard To Believe

Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020, 5:31 pm

1.Shot through the heart

Eugene Rakow managed to shoot himself in the heart with a nail gun and survive to tell the tale. There are actually a number of people that have managed to do this with various body parts, but surely being shot in the heart is not good news no matter what it is that you have been shot by. He not only survived it, but had no long term damage.


2.In the boat house

How would you go about explaining this one to your insurance company? Yes hello I know I have house insurance with you, but I appear to have a boat in my bedroom now. You heard right, a boat. At least they could not dispute it when they saw the images.

3.Fork in the road

This is one of those things where you see it, but do not believe it. Where did the fork come from and how did the people inside this car actually manage to survive it? You have heard of a fork in the road, but never a fork in the car.



A soccer match in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ended in bizarre circumstances when the pitch was hit by lightning. All of the visiting team were killed as a result, but for some reason the home team all survived. Perhaps this shows the team that God was rooting for.

5.Satellite death

Imagine walking along the road and suddenly dropping dead. There is only a small spot of blood and no other real sign as to what caused it. This is what happened to Paula Smallerton, but her case was explained because it turned out that she was hit on the head by a piece of space debris from a satellite that was breaking up.


6.Lady Coventry

Lady Coventry lived in the UK and died in 1804. How did she die? From lead poisoning due to her addiction to wearing loads of makeup that used it as a base material. The result was she basically killed herself, although not aware of it, thanks to wanting to look beautiful.

7.A day to remember

Getting married is going to be one of the best days of your life, but for Fabio Marciel it was also his last day. Basically, he was playing with a kid who was a bridesmaid, but had a glass in his top pocket. He tripped, fell, the glass punctured a major artery and he bled to death there and then.


8.Protons are dangerous

Anatoli Burgoski was hit in the head by a proton beam that was traveling almost at the speed of light. He felt nothing, but it did burn right through his head followed by his face burning and it peeling off. Somehow he not only survived it, but went on to get his Ph.D and ended up without any major brain damage.

9.Then no legs!

You would think that being sliced in half would kill you, but that was not the case for railway worker Truman Duncan. Instead, after he had his lower half sliced off in an accident with a train he called 911 and just waited for help. How he survived is an absolute miracle.


10.Surviving a grenade

Channing Moss was hit by a rocket propelled grenade and it just stuck inside him and did not explode. The surgeons had to try to remove it while wearing all of the protective body armor you would expect from somebody having to try to disconnect a bomb, but amazingly he survived.


Shannon Molloy managed to decapitate herself, but the skin held the head on. She severed it, felt her head moving around, and it took doctors five attempts to put her head back on. She not only survived, but she was also not paralyzed.


12.The crocodile crash

Believe it or not, but 21 people walked onto a plane, but only one person and a crocodile got off. The reason was somebody smuggled a crocodile on and it then got loose. The plane crashed after everybody ran to one end of the plane and only one person and that same crocodile survived. He then killed it.


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