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Weirdest Competitions Around The World

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 4:07 pm

1.Black Pudding Throwing

Black pudding, that has been wrapped in a pair of pantyhose, or tights, is thrown at Yorkshire Puddings that is located twenty feet high on a pub wall. Only an underarm throw can be used in this odd contest that celebrates the rivalry between Yorkshire and Lancashire. Happening in Ramsbottom, the event attracts many people from all countries.

2.Beard & Mustache

Men with beards can be very proud of their facial hair, so much so that they create designs out of it. The Beardy Weirdy Competition allows them to show it off and possibly take home a win. Long bears, spiky beards, and even beards taht look like the Golden Gate Bridge, are all acceptable.

3.World Sauna

When has sweating become a sport? Since 1999, when people from twenty countries agreed to sit in a 110 degree sauna, sitting erect with their thighs and butt on the seat. Their hands are not allowed to touch any surface, and forearms must be in an upright position on their knees. The longest lasting person wins.

4.Air Guitar

The Oulu Music Video Festival in Oulu, Finland has been having the annual Air Guitar World Championship since 1996, and its still going strong. Performers pretend to play guitar to music by their favorite bands. No real instruments are allowed, as contestants give it their all on stage hoping to be chosen the winner.

5.Extreme Ironing

What happens when you take a boring chore and add some element of competition to it? You get an extreme sport that has no limits. The Extreme Ironing World Championship began in 1997, in Leicester, United Kingdom where people ironed in the most dangerous places, such as the side of a mountain, under water, or balancing on a ledge.

6.Midget Throwing

In the 1980's, Australia became the first to have midget throwing contests, where midgets, or dwarves, were thrown onto mattresses or at Velcro walls. The midgets were dressed in padded clothing with velcro on the outside so they would stick to the walls. Since then this type of competition has been banned in many countries because of its offensiveness to Little People.

7.Worm Charming

Worm charmers from all over the world compete in a thirty minute muddy competition, where they try to bring as many worms to the surface. Originating in 1980, The World Worm Charming Championship record is 511 works by a teenager named Tom Shufflebotham. The event plays out annually on television and in front of a crowd.


8.World Conker

The Ashton Conker Club organizes a modern day gladiator fight every year, and has done so since 1965. Competitors, equipped with only a nut and twelve inches of string, play on eight white podiums positioned on the village green. The winner is crowned the Conker and is led to the Conker Throne.

9.Miss Russian Army

In June of 2005, The Russian Army held a beauty contest in which 19 participating female recruits were broadcast on live television as they walked down the catwalk in uniform. They were judged on drills, crawling, running with automatic weapons, and entering tanks. the pageant was an attempt to attract more men into the military.


10.Chess Boxing

In one of the more strange competitions, Chess Boxing involves rotating rounds of boxing with a game of chess. The winner is determined by either a knockout, or checkmate. We have to wonder if the contestants are thinking clearly as each round passes, and they are receiving blows to the head.

11.World's Ugliest Dog

In this contest ugly is the new beautiful, and it refers to dogs. Yep, the ugliest dog takes home the prize in Petaluma, California every year, along with the title of "The World's Ugliest Dog." The prize is $1000 for the ugly dog's owner, and the satisfaction of turning a bad situation into a winning one.


12.Wife Carrying

Sometimes it's not just shallowness that makes some men choose a thin wife, especially they plan to enter the Wife Carrying Contest. Participants must carry their wife on their back over hurdles and in a pool, in a 273 yard course. This is a competition that is not taken lightly, or in this case, heavily, as the men sling their wives face down, over their backs and try to make it through the course as quickly as possible. 

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