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36 Weirdest Websites On The Internet

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 8:48 am

There is something weird in almost everything that exists on Earth. There are weird people. There are mysterious cultures. There are strange animals and birds. We have weird plants. There is nothing in this world that's perfect! Internet is a good technology, but it has its negative, creepy and weird sides as well. Let's talk about websites! How many websites do you visit every day? We guess a few that include news websites, video websites, and funny and informational websites like this one you are reading now. All these sites are conventional and aren't really weird. Have you ever thought about some weird sites? No?  Check these 36 weirdest websites on the internet! 
1.Scanwiches How do you feel about scanning your sandwiches and putting them up on a website? That is what this person has done and you need to sit down and wonder how bored they must have been to come up with this in the first place?

2.One million giraffes Believe it or not, but there is a website out there that has one million pictures of giraffes on it and yes it was done for a bet. However, that is one strange bet to take in the first place because how boring must it have been to collect them?

3.Cleaning your screen When you click on this link you will see that it shows a cat appearing to lick your screen as if it is cleaning it. We feel sorry for the cat because it is going to have its work cut out with some of those screens.

4.Free the gnomes This website appears to show that there is some kind of gnome liberation group that tries to help protect the rights of gnomes. Even though it is all going to be done in jest it is still a bizarre thing to create in the first place.

5.Tomatoes are evil

The person behind this website appears to have a real hatred of tomatoes as they claim that they are indeed evil. They go into a lot of detail in order to try to stress that they are correct and the rest of the world is wrong, but lets face it can tomatoes actually be anything other than tomatoes?

6.Silly Walks Generator If you have ever watched Monty Python then you will understand what this website is all about. However, it is still very weird as it involves you trying to create your very own silly walk via some pretty bad graphics.

7.Pencil Grinder Are you a fan of pencils? If so, then this is the perfect website for you because it involves reviews of the pencils and boy are those reviews in some detail. Yes this is pencil geek heaven.


8.Bacon ipsum Do you know that random text that appears on websites that makes no sense whatsoever? Well this website can give you that text, but it is all related to bacon. Yes it might be fun to start off with, but this is going to get rather annoying quite quickly.

9.A stretchy hand This website has some Coca Cola symbols on it, but the main thing is that it involves a stretchy hand that you can move around with your mouse. If you are lucky you will be amused for 10 seconds.


10.OMG Cats in space This website shows images of cats as if they are in space and it does involve a lot of bright flashing colors at the same time. This person clearly has far too much spare time on their hands.

11.Break glass to sound alarm The strange thing about this website is that it is both weird as well as strangely satisfying at the same time. It does indeed involve you breaking the glass to find out what the alarm sounds like and it plays on the fact that most people have wanted to do this before.


12.Haneke This website is going to make your eyes go all funny because it shows stick men with different types of stick machinery and so much is going on in the one spot that you just do not know where to look. It is the kind of thing where you really do wish you had not clicked on the link.

13.Is it raining? Somebody has decided to make a website that tells you if it is raining where you are located right now. The thing about this website is that it is more accurate to look out of the window and see for yourself rather than anything else.

14.Ugly mailboxes Have you ever woken up in the morning and wished that you could go and look at a range of weird and wonderful mailboxes? Nope? Neither have we, but clearly somebody thought that this would be the case leading to a website full of images of these ugly mailboxes.

15.Pointless diagrams At least this domain name is good at letting you know what the site is all about because you have probably guessed that it involves pointless diagrams. These are strange and you do wonder what on earth is going on with them, but to have them all together is just strange.

16.Abandoned Santa parks With this website all you get are images of Santa parks that have been abandoned over the years. It is more like some strange collection rather than anything else, but why bother putting it all online? Is there a strange fan base for this kind of thing that we do not know about?

17.A fat lady eating apples is one of the weirdest websites we have ever seen. It is one of those sites that make us say WTF the moment we see it. The website is totally bizarre, but funny as well. Unlike most other weird websites, this site is interactive, which means you can actually control a fat lady shown on the website. 
You have to feed apple to a drawing of a woman and once she has finished one you get another rolled on the table and get to do it all again. A skinny girl kicks apples with her heels so that the fat woman can pick them up and eat! Wow, Is that not the weirdest thing you have ever heard in your life? 

18.White Power Milk

Well, this too is one of the most bizarre and disgusting websites on the internet. The site says it sells milk gargled by elite white women in the society! Apparently, the people behind White Power Milk see gargling as purification process! Can you guess how much the gargled milk costs? A 2 oz gargled milk costs $150! 
Let us tell you the story behind this website before nausea kicks in!  Nate Hill, a New York based artist, created this website as a form of art to address racial issues in the society. You can't really buy gurgled milk, but you can see videos of white women gurgling milk by paying $100! 

19.Zoom Quilt You have probably already guessed what this website is all about because it shows a picture and it simply keeps zooming in on the one spot, but that spot just appears to be never ending. Who would go to the lengths of setting up this website?

20.Falling Falling You are best to be warned about this one because it does involve colors falling and for some people that could annoy the life out of them. Yep this website just deals with colors tumbling over repeatedly while you sit there wondering what to do next.

21.Eel slapping This website simply involves you moving your mouse and the guy you see on screen is slapped in the face with an eel. There is nothing else on there apart from the ability to do that and it should at least give you one second of fun before you get bored of it.

22.Omfg dogs This website is all about showing you some cartoon dogs running in a pack across a mind altering background. That really is it and there is nothing else to report about it, so what exactly is the point in all of this?

23.Have patience This website does exactly as the name suggests and you will be so glad that you are no longer on dial up. It really does test your patience to the limit and can you wait long enough for everything to load? That is the challenge.

24.Koalas with circles This website basically involves you waving your mouse over a bunch of circles that get smaller and smaller as you touch them. This eventually turns into a picture of a koala and the time it would have taken to create this type of art is just crazy.

25.Fear The Gay Chicken

Yes, you have indeed read that right as this website has the intention of making you fear a chicken that looks a bit gay. You have to click on the link to witness it yourself, but why did somebody even took the time to go and build this kind of site in the first place?
The name of the website 'Fear the Gay Chicken' sounds weird and hilarious. You need to turn on your speakers or put on your headphones to understand what's really up with the gay chicken!!! We bet you will either laugh rolling on the floor, or say WTF, once you get to know the website, and funny sounds it makes!  
Oh man, we really wonder how people get weird ideas like these! This website got to be one of the most pointless yet craziest websites on the internet. 

Fear The Gay Chicken-36 Weirdest Websites On The Internet

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26.Z0r This one is very, very strange and the best piece of advice that you can get is to make sure that you are alone because as soon as you press that F5 key you have no idea what is going to come up. Put it this way, you may not want any surprises.

27.Darwin Dating Have you secretly always wanted to know what other people think of you? Then pop up a photo on the Darwin Dating site, you will get to know whether you are 'asslike or awesome'.

28.Dogs in Duds Want to see some dogs in various bits of clothing, including underwear? Then this is your site! Good for a laugh and currently this site is doing very well. Who knew?

29.Pixy Land/Peter Pan If you love all things Pixie, the fashion the clothes and chat you will love this site. They say "Follow your passion and you will make money", this is definitely a proven point when you check out this site.

30.Twisted Designs Before you get all excited and think that twisted designs means something kinky, look at Twisted Designs and see for yourself. The twist is all in the balloon, the balloon they use to make some really stunning and fun balloon dresses. It's a crazy site, but some people love it.

31.The Gallery of "misused" Quotation Marks If you have a pet hate of the misuse of quotation marks you will love this site. It has a collection of hysterical signs, sentences and paragraphs on the net show casing how dumb the misuse of quotation marks can be. Hopefully this restaurant gets help for that particular STD.

32.Cake Wrecks Fancy looking at some crazy cakes that went wrong? Check out The best one's could be the wedding cakes that hit the dust.

33.Staggering Beauty Take your mouse and shake it all about, the picture will follow your mouse then offer you a barrage of epileptic bouncing jaggy images.

34.Divine Interventions Call it blasphemy, call it shocking, call it what you will, but there is a site there offering sex toys in the shape of religious figures. Here is the devil dildo. Clearly the site and the goods have fans.

35.Le Meme If you fancy a load of meaningless photographs, some funny, some strange and others just simply meaningless, then pop into Le Meme, it will keep you happy for hours. This photograph is aptly named, "Butthead and assholes". We rest our case.

36.Useless Website is another weird website. Well, it isn't as weird as some other websites though. Although the website's name sounds like it is a useless website, it really isn't a useless one. In fact, the website is a kind of search engine for all the useless, pointless and weird websites in the world
Do you love browsing weird websites but don't know how to find them? If your answer is yes, you got to check this website and check it whenever you feel bored. The site takes you to a new useless website every time you click the button on its homepage!  


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