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Weirdest C0ndoms Ever Made

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 1:02 pm

1.Your face on the latex

Well, this might look cool but might get you in trouble too if you are at your girlfriend and your c0ndom gets caught by her father next day. But anyways, For those who want to try some crazy stuff, then this c0ndom is for you, just send the company with your picture and they will print it on the c0ndom although they are costlier than normal ones.

2.Myface C0ndoms

So this is great for people who want to make their night even more special and more personal for your partner. You just have to send your picture or your desired picture to the company and they will send you the c0ndoms with your picture printed on the pack, sounds cool right? :D

3.Love light Glow in the dark c0ndom

In order to glow LOVE LIGHT c0ndoms need to be exposed to light for about 30 seconds. You can choose to light it up on three ways: While the c0ndom is still in its wrapper; When you are putting on the c0ndom; or after it is already on. It will glow brightly for 15 mins and then hours lasting less bright glow. Re-exposing to light again charges it up to glow brightly again.

4.Dangerous c0ndom

This cannot be considered as a c0ndom rather it's a protection against rapers, The moment the person inserts his penis into a woman with this c0ndom, it cuts his penis along the foreskin and protects against rape. OMG! Why aren't we funding this??

5.Just 3?

With this packet of c0ndoms you need it to contain at least 18 for it to make any sense. Even then you need to go some to keep up with Tiger and it is not exactly the biggest shock to see his face leering back at you on a packet of c0ndoms after what happened a few years ago.

6.Keeping it royal

Well talk about the ultimate souvenir of a Royal wedding. At what point do you think somebody sat down and thought about people getting that excited over a wedding that they would need c0ndoms? It would put you off seeing that picture on the box as you were about to get all excited as well.

7.The rooster

Yes there are several jokes here involving another term for a rooster and your penis, but surely the biggest joke has to be the c0ndom itself? The design is mad and if you pulled this out on a woman she would rightfully become suspicious of you and want to run away as quickly as possible.


8.I predict!!

Ah yes, astrology and c0ndoms go together like..astrology and c0ndoms to be honest. This is the kind of one that just confuses the life out of you because who wants to have their stars read while putting on a c0ndom? Surely there are other things on your mind at that point?

9.Soccer balls

Well this is taking your love of the game of soccer to a whole new level. If you are planning on wearing these, then you are seriously hoping to score, but do not make a bad pass or you could score an own goal and the game is over.


10.Well dressed

Well this is a c0ndom that means your penis is very well dressed for the occasion right down to the little bow tie. This may be a bit of a joke, but at the same time it is also quite cool and at least it will get a smile rather than being frowned upon.

11.A dinosaur?

It is no surprise to find out that this is referred to as a novelty c0ndom, but you have to congratulate the manufacturer on feeling the need to describe it as this in the first place. Novelty? Really? I thought they all looked like that.


12.Go Obama!

Be honest here. Would you not feel even slightly strange at wearing c0ndoms with Obama on them and then using them? Surely it has to be a bit off putting having him giving you the thumbs up?

13.Bacon flavor

Ah yes, when you are having bacon surely every guy has sat there and thought, you know that would be good as a c0ndom? Of course they could not then wrap a rasher around them, but at least now there are bacon flavored ones out there even if they are very strange indeed.

14.Being honest

These are the c0ndoms that are going to destroy the confidence of any guy and even though they are made as a bit of a joke it would certainly be cruel to give them to anybody. Instead, break it to them gently that they are not as big as they think rather than this way.

15.Strange ribs

This looks more like a torture device rather than a c0ndom and your penis must end up looking like a concertina after wearing it. You wonder how anybody could come up with this kind of design and expect it to be taken seriously because this is taking ribbed to an entirely new level.


Flavored c0ndoms are quite popular, but would you want to have whiskey flavored ones on? That in itself just seems insane and surely these are c0ndoms only to be used by alcoholics who are desperate for any kind of hint of alcohol?


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