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Weirdest Ph0bias And Their Meaning

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 9:11 pm


Phoboph0bia has to be the most difficult ph0bia of all as it is a fear of fear. Yes, there are people out there who are scared of being scared leading to them being scared, so they are living in a constant state of anxiety over their fear of fear. Confusing? Imagine how it must feel for somebody that suffers from this and how it must ruin their lives.


Selenoph0bia is when you have a fear of the moon, so star gazing is certainly not going to be in your list of things to do at night. You wonder what the actual fear involves because is there a worry that it is going to crash into us? Is it just how it looks and how bright it can be? Perhaps it is how it goes through a cycle where we only see a fraction of it before the full moon is revealed? No matter what it is at least you know that the person is hoping for a cloudy night.


As the name suggests, russoph0bia is a fear of Russia. How you can develop a ph0bia of a country and everything connected to it is certainly something that most people would struggle to make sense of, but then for some people perhaps it is just certain things that makes them anxious. Is it the language? Is it the word itself and nothing more than that? There are so many individual things that it could be that you need to really think hard about what triggers those fears as it is a big and important country, so having a ph0bia of it would be tough.


Pogonoph0bia is having a fear of beards. It does not matter their color, how bushy they are, or how long they are because as long as there is some facial hair that goes beyond stubble, then it can make some people feel very anxious indeed. Why this happens is difficult to say, but you can imagine it is linked to a bad experience with somebody as a child.


Peladoph0bia is when you have a fear of bald people. How seeing a shiny head can make anybody scared is certainly something that is very confusing and is it a completely bald head or do they still feel the same if there is hair around the sides and just bald on top? It must be even harder for guys because imagine going bald yourself and having that ph0bia. That would be enough to run and get a hair transplant as quickly as possible.


If you have ommetaph0bia, then you have a fear of eyes. This ph0bia is about eyes in general and it does not matter about the color, the shape or anything else. It also does not mean that you just hate somebody touching them or seeing them touched as it is everything to do with vision that the person finds creepy in some way. They must hate going to the optician and it is a difficult one to avoid unless you stop seeing people and looking in a mirror at yourself.


This one is easy to guess as papaph0bia is having a fear of the Pope. It would be difficult to have this ph0bia if you were Catholic and indeed it is difficult to work out how or why anybody could have a ph0bia over this one single person and it is any Pope not just a dislike of one guy and the ph0bia leaves after he dies. Perhaps it is his robes or his hat or his ring, but no matter what it is you have to admit that it is a weird ph0bia to have.



No this is not a fear of cartoons, but instead it is a fear of your stepmother. Surely this is linked to there not being the same bond as there is with your birth mother, so there is some anxiety and fear linked to this new person that is with your father. They do not have to be evil or anything, but for some people there is a ph0bia about not only talking to them, but also being in the same room.


Nomoph0bia is relatively new in that it is a fear of not having a signal on your mobile phone. We all know how annoying this can be, but to then develop a ph0bia about it is a bit extreme. You can only imagine that it is linked more to a fear of missing out on some important information or somebody not being able to get hold of you that drives this on, but you can bet that they do not live in the country or they would be constantly anxious.



Meloph0bia is having a fear of music, so it is fair to say that they will never have the radio on and must hate adverts on television in case there is some kind of music attached to them. It is certainly something that confuses the mind as to how somebody can be scared of music unless it reminds them of some traumatic experience because at least then it does make sense. However, it is a difficult thing to avoid unless you live like a hermit, so life must be tough for people with this ph0bia.


As the picture shows, this is a ph0bia of chopsticks. How people can have a ph0bia about two small pieces of wood is unknown and is it a case of they cannot even look at them or is it simply they are unable to pick them up? Perhaps it is the way that they move as well, but at least you can avoid them in most situations as long as you do not go to a Chinese restaurant.



Gelioph0bia is a fear of laughter. This ph0bia can involve a fear of laughing yourself, which must make them the boring person in a party, as well as the fear of other people laughing around you. This is undoubtedly going to be a hard thing to avoid unless you lock yourself in a room all the time and you certainly cannot go to a comedy show or watch a funny movie either.


Genuph0bia is when you have a fear of knees. It is difficult to imagine how knees can be scary or how it makes a person feel about them because does it involve just seeing them? Is it how they move? Can the person just not touch them? No matter what is going on it is going to be quite a tricky ph0bia to overcome in the summer months when everybody is wearing shorts, so they must love the winter.


Anatidaeph0bia is a very strange ph0bia as it is actually all about a fear that somewhere, at sometime, and somehow a duck is actually looking at you. That does of course mean that this picture is going to probably freak some people out because yes it is looking at you...and only looking at you and nobody else.


Catoptroph0bia is a fear of mirrors and this does of course make it difficult when you are getting ready and need to know how good or bad you look. You do wonder why, or how, somebody can be scared of mirrors, but perhaps it is more to do with their own reflection rather than anything else. They must hate changing rooms and even shopping for clothes as well.


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