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Weirdest Tongue Tattoos

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 8:16 pm

1.What does that tat represent?

Is this like some kind of strange blue web? The color is cool, but that is about it as the rest just makes no sense whatsoever and there really cannot be any point to this tattoo. It is impressive that it does cover so much of the tongue in the first place, but that is the only other positive thing that can be said about it.

2.The Big S theory

Is this just a large letter S or is it a $ sign? This is tough as there is other stuff going on that is making it harder to understand the entire tongue tattoo. It does look quite well done, just too complicated for it to make any real sense. It does also beg the question as to why you would want to have this done in the first place.

3.Dude is in the mood

Does this guy just mean dude in general or does he think he is the ultimate dude for having this tattoo done? This is an important question although it will ultimately not explain why you would go ahead and have this done in the first place as that really will be the eternal mystery. As like others, at least you can read it saving him from having to constantly tell people what he has on his tongue.

4.Hola tats

This is another example where it is best to just say the word rather than have it tattooed on your tongue. You wonder if she sat for a long time trying to work out the four letter word she could have, since clearly five would result in it falling off the side, or perhaps hola has hidden meaning to her. At least with this one the writing is quite clear, so you do know what it is supposed to say rather than merely guessing, so hola!

5.Is it Art?

This should be classed as art as it is difficult to work out what it is supposed to be, so art kind of covers everything. The work that has gone into all of this is outstanding, but at the same time it must have taken forever and hurt so much. You do not even know where to begin with this tongue tattoo and the artist must have been cross-eyed by the end of it as well.

6.Kiss? sorry miss!!

One of the worst parts of this tattoo is that it looks as if it was done at home and without much thought. It does say kiss and you can partly understand what is going on, but surely the best way to get a kiss is to simply ask your partner for one? They do not need a poster telling them about it and anyway, would it not put off some people when there appears to be a constant demand for a kiss from someone?

7.Hello Kitty tongue tat

It is perhaps not a surprise to discover that somebody has had Hello Kitty tattooed on their tongue. It is actually quite well done as at least you can make out what it is supposed to be, but apart from that it is always best to stick with the products rather than doing this to your tongue.


8.ET on tongue?

OK this tattoo does involve a bike, but what the rest of it is actually meant to be is open for debate. I hope that she knows what it is meant to be as she is surely going to be asked a number of times and is perhaps fed up of answering. Maybe you should not have bothered with it then? And who wants a bicycle on their tongue anyway? Is there a point?

9.Wheel on tongue

This is undoubtedly a wheel from a vehicle and they must be trying to say something about the tread on their tongue although even that is a strange thought. Perhaps they are a car fanatic and wanted to show their love for it in this way, or perhaps they are just a bit crazy. The only saving grace is you can at least see what it is meant to be, which is unusual for tongue tattoos.


10.Spiderman tongue tats

Yes this actually is Spiderman on her tongue as you can just see that all too familiar pose sticking out of her mouth. Clearly she is a massive fan of the character, and the tattoo itself is very well done, but would she not have been better just sticking with a couple of posters and the DVD's? Would that not satisfy her Spiderman desires?

11.Butterfly tat

If you tilt your head sideways you will see that this is supposed to be a butterfly even though it is not the best one you will ever see. Why they got it done at this angle is a mystery because surely it would make more sense to have it across the tongue to allow people to see it better?


12.OMG tongue tat

This tattoo tells its own story just by looking at it and indeed the reaction you have when you see it is also going to be OMG. At least with this tattoo you can make out what it is supposed to be and in its own way it does look quite good, but you still wonder why you would want it done in the first place.

13.Smiley face tongue tat

In all honesty this tattoo is quite funny in that it is just so comical to look at. As if the face was not enough it is the fact she has had a baseball cap added on in order to make it slightly different from what must have been an influx of smiley face tongue tattoos.

14.Flower tongue tat

Even though it is difficult to see, this is actually some attempt at a kind of flower on the tongue, but it is not very well done and looks a bit of a mess. It just looks strange sitting there and it is difficult to work out how they could think that it was attractive in any way.

15.The tiger

You need to seriously love an animal to then go ahead and have it tattooed on your tongue, but that is what this woman has had done with a tiger. It is difficult to imagine the point at which you decide to have this done, and what is it about the tiger that made her believe that the tongue was the best place for it to go?


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