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12 Sexual Fantasies Women Have But Won't Admit

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 1:17 pm

Women have to be the most mysterious living beings on Earth. It is hard to understand them, and every man who tried to do that never really had any success. The legend says there's no point knowing a woman, and no so-called chick magnet guy in the world has done that either. Most girls prefer to keep their inner self to them and don't reveal it to even the person they like the most. Hey, do you know what kind of secrets and fantasies women hide in their heart? If not, you need to read them right now. But before you get down to reading them, let us tell you, these are just fantasies, they are like wild imaginations we get when we are bored, That doesn't mean they want to do all these in real life. Find out more about fantasies most women have but won't admit!

Men are often the ones that take charge in bed and have complete control of their lady. They are strong, aggressive, and often tell women what to do. Sometimes, even women feel like leading things. They love to dominate their partner and display traits of extreme sexual domination. As you may know, a dominatrix is a woman who loves to dominate men in bed by inflicting pain and torturing them. As a man, this may sound creepy to you, but don't forget the fact that they love all those things done to them as well, So it does sound fair.

Dominatrix-12 Sexual Fantasies Women Have But Won't Admit

2.Being Dominated

Although women feel like dominating their partners in bed occasionally, their biggest fantasy, of course, is being dominated and taken advantage of. Women hate it when people use them in real life, but when it comes to bedroom fun, they totally want to melt into the arms of their man and let them do anything they want to do. By not resisting to all those crazy and wild moves their partners make, they thoroughly enjoy the feeling of their bodies being invaded. Well, this one is a very typical fantasy, and as the title of this topic says, women won't admit to it.

Being Dominated-12 Sexual Fantasies Women Have But Won't Admit

3.Being A Stripper

Not all girls end up becoming strippers, but many of them find the idea of getting naked in public or in front of people exciting. Stripping is tougher than one may think, and confidence is the key to success in this profession. At some point in life, many girls seriously think about becoming a stripper given the fact it is one of the easiest ways to make a lot of money. Coming back to the point, oh yes, many women secretly fantasize about being a stripper. Ask your girlfriend if she has any such fantasy, and if she has, turn your bedroom into a strip club and be her visitor for a while. Don't forget to stick a few dollars bills down her G-string!

Being A Stripper-12 Sexual Fantasies Women Have But Won't Admit

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