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Worlds Oddest Couples

Saturday, Feb 20, 2021, 9:01 am

1.Courtney Love and Edward Norton

Wild child and grunge supreme Courtney Love seemed like a strange match for the more conservative Norton. Passions ran high in this relationship despite the strange match up but eventually ended when Norton got secretly married.

2.No! He's Not My Dad

Mary-Kate Olsen a self made billionaire at the age of 26 seems an unlikely match for the 43 year old French man Olivier Sarkozy. You have to admit that they do indeed look like a rather odd couple.

3.Tiny Tot Mum Has A Little Tot

Not only an unlikely couple but a happy couple too. Christianne Ray is the smallest woman on earth to give birth with no hitches. Her adoring husband Jeremy is a whopping 6ft4inch. tall!

4.Loving Furry Friends

This couple can certainly be called 'odd'. The big Orangutan and his canine friend are inseparable. They eat together sleep together and the helpful ape also gives pooch swimming lessons.

5.Tall and short

Sometimes size does matter, or does it? This loving couple certainly don't think so and anyway how could somebody like Shaq find somebody that was equal to his size anyway?

6.Gimme All Your Money!

Some couples we cannot even begin to imagine as to how they got together? Okay, maybe we can, he's rich! There really can be no other explanation to it.

7.Big and small

When you are next match-making a couple try to think out of the box! One can never be sure which couples will actually fall madly in love because as this photograph shows you can have both big and small together.


8.Tom Cruise and Cher

Not many people know that Cruise dated Cher in the eighties. This is one of show biz's most unlikely couples, but Cher always says he was the sweetest boy she ever dated.

9.Double Trouble

Loads of people meet online, not all of them hook up and certainly not all of them have the same name! Both are called Kelly Hildebrandt! They met on Facebook primarily because they had the same name.


10.Giant Hearts

Anna Swan and Martin Van Buren Bates were destined to be together. Both over 7ft tall and they made a perfect couple although imagine the size of their bed.

11.Mr. and Mrs. Al Tomaini

Mr Tomaini is super tall and his wife is super small. However, this did not stop this loving couple hooking up and tying the knot. Mrs. Tomaini is even shorter due to having no legs.


12.Forty Year Age Gap Defies All Odds

One of Britain's most oddest couples is Edna Townsend and Simon Martin. Martin now 35 married his blushing bride eight years ago and they are still going strong, despite the 40 year age gap.


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