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Best Forever Alone Memes

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 7:40 pm

1.Chocolate Kisses

Chocolate kisses are delicious, but they are not the best kisses. The best kisses are those from a real human mouth. A kiss from someone who loves you and wants to kiss you back. When the only kisses you get are from chocolate, you may feel high for the moment, but the crash is the worst.

2.No Cell In Theater

If you hear someone's phone ring by accident, during a movie, at a theater, it reminds you that you also forgot to turn yours off. However, you never turn yours off anymore because no one calls. That's a sinking feeling to realize that your phone never rings and you know it will never ring.

3.No Girlfriend

Not having a girlfriend is really like not having what everyone else has. Just like a girlfriend, you go to a coffee shop and watch everyone staring at their iPad, you stand in line behind others who hold their iPads, you go out for a drink and have to check with no one, while everyone else is checking their iPads for their schedule.


When you even get rejected in your dreams, you may need some psychotherapy. Dreams reflect how you feel about yourself and the way you view your true self. If in your dreams you can't score, then it may be hard to do in real life. Ever wake from a dream and feel like it was so real that it happened? When it's a bad dream, you don't want that feeling all day.

5.Finding Love

When the only place you find love is in the dictionary, you're in bad shape. Love can be hard to find though and you can't push it or rush it. As the song goes, "you can't hurry love, you just have to wait." It's true. Love don't come easy, but sometimes it doesn't come at all.


When a snake wrapped around you feels good you know it's been too long since you've been hugged. The feeling of something wrapped tightly around your body is what you've been longing for. You don't care that it's a slithering snake with scaly skin, as long as you get hugged.

7.No Comment

The worst thing is when no one comments about something you post on FaceBook. After all, isn't that the reason we all post anyway. Don't we secretly tally up how many comments we get versus other people. When you get zero comments, it's like talking into the wind, where no one can hear you and no one responds.


8.Single Bells

Christmas is one of the hardest times to be single. Everyone is jolly, singing Christmas carols and showing love. When you're single and alone it can be hard to put up a Christmas tree all alone, sing Christmas carols with no one, and wrap gifts for yourself, to later unwrap ... alone.

9.No Phone Calls

It's sad when you don't even notice that your phone is disconnected because you never get any phone calls. It also seems that you don't make any phone calls either. In that case, why do you even have a phone bill in the first place. Turn it off until your social life picks up. Oh wait, you never know, someone might call.



Wait, you didn't wait for the question. Well, the answer is no, because they've not had sex with anyone. They don't need to wait for the name of someone when zero is always zero no matter what you multiply it by. Being a lone is no fun, especially when other people are paired up.

11.Last Time I Got Some

This may sound gross, but it's probably so true. Those who feel alone and can't get a date may go years without any sexual contact. It actually may feel good when their finger goes through the toilet paper. It's probably the first time their skin in that area has been touched by a finger in forever.


12.Socially Awkward

No one pays attention to the awkward and shy, they often blend into the woodwork. No one notices if this makes them sad or angry, but after a mass shooting, people tend to look around the office at the ones who keep to themselves and never say a word, wondering what hatred they may be harboring against them.


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