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The Easiest Languages You Can Learn

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 9:10 am


If you want to learn a language that sounds Middle Eastern, then Turkish could be the one for you. It has that kind of flow to it without completely confusing you even just as you look at the words and once you get started with learning it things should just fall into place, but only if you really do concentrate.


People often think that eastern European languages are always tough to learn as they look mainly at Polish and see how complicated it can be. However, Romanian is a bit more stripped back and is more relaxed with the rules and regulations, so learning it is certainly a lot easier and this should be the eastern European language that you aim for.


Afrikaans is closely related to both Dutch and German and even though it is only spoken in South Africa it is actually quite an easy language to learn. If you know even just bits of those two languages you will find that Afrikaans is so easy to pick up, but even beginners should be able to say a few sentences in next to no time.


This is the language that was supposed to become the global language in every conceivable way. However, things did not go to plan and it failed to reach the heights that its creator hoped for, but there are still people out there that speak it.


Portuguese is quite a flowing language and you will notice that is shares a lot of similarities with Spanish. These similarities extends to words being similar and sentence structure being absolutely identical, which is why people that speak one as a first language will often learn the other.


If you have any understanding of German, then learning Dutch does become a bit easier as they do share a lot of things in common. You should be able to identify a number of words and the sentence structure also works along the same lines, so if you know one of these languages and wish to learn another, then go for it.

7.Sign Language

The beauty of sign language is that you do not have to worry about how you are saying something verbally and as long as you are good with your fingers, and have a good memory, then you should be able to pick up even the basics in next to no time. There is actually a method to learning it, but as with any language practice does indeed make perfect.



German is a very structured language and this does, at times, make it easier to understand it and learn it. The hardest part is learning which words are masculine, feminine, and neutral, but after you master that particular art the rest is relatively easy.


French is a language that a lot of school kids around the world are taught as a foreign language, so millions of people already have a basic understanding of how it works. The rules are the same as other languages that have a Latin origin, which means Italian and even Spanish, and with so many self-help things out there you should be able to pick it up in next to no time.



Italian is quite a beautiful language, but the main thing that you are going to have issues with is trying to pronounce things the correct way. However, when it comes to learning it, then the basics are pretty easy and you should be able to form a good vocabulary in next to no time.


Spanish is relatively easy to learn and indeed if English is your first language this is the one that most people will then go and study as a second language. The structure of it makes it easier to build sentences and in a relatively short period of time you can be having a nice conversation.


English is not only one of the easiest languages to learn, but it is also the most widely used language. This is the one that is used for business and politics around the world, so not knowing it can really put you at a disadvantage in a number of key areas of life.


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