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12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 4:32 pm

Who says nature can't express itself? It can. Be it a human being, an animal, bird, flower, hill, lake, or even a piece of rock, every earthly creation irrespective of its type is a standing testimony of Mother Nature's greatness. Flowers are unquestionably one of the most beautiful forms of life on Earth. The delicate, vibrant, and aromatic pieces of a plant tell a thousand tales about the planet's biodiversity. Do you know that there are more than 400,000 species of flowering plants on the earth? Not all of them look cute, though. We have picked 12 flowers that we think are the prettiest in the world. Have a look at them now.
10.Bird Of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is a fascinating flower that got its name from the bird, bird-of-paradise. This flower resembles the bird. It is native to South Africa, and the locals call it crane flower. A yellow color variant of bird of paradise is called Mandela's Gold.  The City of Los Angeles chose this flower as the official flower. A gardening enthusiast may feel like having a bird of paradise plant at home, but they need to keep in mind that it's highly allergic in nature. This plant requires three to five years time to flower.

Bird Of Paradise-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


In the olden days, men used to give amaryllis to women when conveying their love to their love interest. Roses later replaced these flowers, though. Amaryllis are known for their striking red color petals. They are available in many other colors like white, pink, yellow, etc. Amaryllis signifies love and beauty. These beautiful flowers are mostly found in gardens nowadays. The bright colored flowers radiate beauty, and make a garden stand out. Amaryllis plants grow mainly in tropical countries. The United States is the biggest importer of the flowers, importing over ten million flowers a year. 

Amaryllis-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


Like chrysanthemum and daisies, the two other flowers mentioned on the topic, sunflower belongs to Asteraceae family as well. Sunflowers are oversized chrysanthemums basically, and we must say that they do look magnificent. A garden of them is an absolute treat to watch, and they remind us marching soldiers. There are about 70 subgroups within the sunflower family. As you know, these bright and yellow colored flowers follow the sun, which makes them one of the unique flowers in the world. They are highly useful flowers, as their seeds are edible and often used to produce cooking oil.

Sunflower-12 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

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