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12 Most Painfully Awkward Album Covers In The History Of Music

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 8:22 am

Good covers play an important role in the success of an album. It's fine even if a singer, musician or an artist can't make a stunningly beautiful cover. However, they should always ensure that they don't release their music with weird and ugly album cover. Such covers create a bad impression on the music album straight away. Throughout the history of modern music, many singers were strongly criticized for their poor album cover choice. Check these fifteen painfully awkward album covers that make you laugh or cringe! 
1.Yes that is a shell

This album cover is absolutely genuine and yes you are probably wondering where you should look because it just feels wrong in looking at this one. The hair is scary, the moustache is scary, and why is he holding a shell?

2.Jim Post

The funniest thing about this album cover is that they would have been trying to go for some kind of sexy shot, but to say that they have failed to do that would be a massive understatement. Instead, it just looks like a guy with a moustache has been disturbed having a shower.


You just know that this guy has made the album cover all by himself and it would be nice if we could say that he has done a great job, but that would be telling a lie. He could have done so much with the title, but instead has gone for a wolf howling, a vehicle, and two pregnant woman?

4.Who knows?

Yeah if you are in any doubt as to what to have on your album cover, then why not do the sensible thing and dress up as someone from the army and straddle a big gun. This is just so strange and awkward to look at in so many ways that you understand why it is listed here.

5.Bat for Lashes

This album cover is a mixture of being well done as well as being very strange to look at. Quite why they are both naked and she is carrying over her shoulders is something that we will probably never understand.

6.Millie Jackson

Millie Jackson is a well-known 70s and 80s American R&B singer and songwriter. She is the mother of another popular R&B singer Keisha Jackson. Millie Jackson is known for humorous and weird lyrics in her songs. She is also known for using bizarre album covers. The cover you see now belongs to her 1989 album 'Back to the Shit'. As one can expect, this album remained as one of the many poorly-performed music albums of her career. Imagine a top pop star of current generation using a cover like this for her album! We firmly guess people will appreciate her for being artistic! Poor Millie was way ahead of her generation!

7.Kevin Rowland

This guy was the lead singer in Dexy's Midnight Runners, but he went solo and the rest of his group were quite happy about that. This is the kind of cover that is just designed to scare you and there is a pretty good chance that he has achieved that.



The awkward thing about this album cover is that he does not look like a musician and instead looks more like the next villain in a Bond movie. Those eyes are freaky and you cannot look at them for more than 10 seconds or you turn to stone.

9.Quim Barreiros

This is another album cover where it really does not matter that you have not heard of the guy before because surely any album where he is standing with his clothes off holding an accordion is pretty awkward? At what point does somebody think that this is a good idea?


10.Bad name and bad cover

There are a couple of things going on here because not only is the name absolutely terrible, but the album cover is also very poor as well. If you have that name, then do yourself a favor and stay away from that part of the body.


Well where you do you even begin with this album cover? It does not matter that you will have never heard of Carlos before and when you look at this you are probably pretty glad that it is not the case and we apologize for imprinting this image in your mind.


12.The Brothers Johnson

Yep even though this was seen as being fine when the album was released you have to admit that it has not dated that well at all. Instead, it looks so strange with one looking like an early porn star and the other doing some strange thing with a light.


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