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12 Reasons Why Thick Girls Enjoy Better Sex

Sunday, Mar 28, 2021, 12:51 pm

Who is a thick girl? A lot of fat women call themselves thick, but let us tell you that a thick or curvy woman is someone who has a handful of soft tissue just at the right places on her body. You know what those parts are, don't you? Thick girls have big boobs, bootylicious rear, and meaty thighs. They have that perfect hourglass shaped body as opposed to those so-called zero size chicks who sometimes remind us a bamboo tree and you know what the best thing about thick girls is? They are awesome in bed! No, We're not making this up, Science says curvy girls enjoy better sex than skinny girls. Let us shed some light on it and tell you 12 scientific reasons why thick girls rock their man's bed better than thin girls.
7.Big Boobs

Let's talk about important things now! Except for a few unfortunate ones, most thick girls have big boobs. As you know, boobs are one of very few erogenous female body parts. Most girls love it when their partners caress or suck them for a longer period. Men, on the other hand, love big boobs. It isn't a secret, and everyone knows their obsession for larger breasts. Big breasts allow guys to spend more time on foreplay, thus allowing the sexual encounter to stay longer. As you know, a long lasting and intense sex session is more rewarding to women than men.

Big Boobs-12 Reasons Why Thick Girls Enjoy Better Sex


Boobs or booty? Many men find this question difficult to answer unless they question back saying, "why not both?!" A big and attractive butt is something every woman desires to have. It is a classic feature of a thick girl. Any man who loves to play with a plump and round derriere just needs to date a curvy girl! Similarly like big boobs, a big booty increases sex time. Men like to spend time "worshipping" the fascinating feminine area. Women absolutely love whatever men do to their back, as butt is also one of the erogenous parts of a female body.

Booty-12 Reasons Why Thick Girls Enjoy Better Sex

9.They Endure Long And Intense Sexual Encounters

Big girls are well built and have healthy bones and muscles. They have much more stamina than average girls. This allows curvy girls to engage in high intensity and energy draining sexual encounters. They don't feel tired or lose interest quickly, and this is something most men love to see in a woman. Big girls don't need an extended recovery period after sex. Guys obsessed with sex often find their average built girlfriends cry in pain or faint during the act. If you think you are a superman of sex, look no further and welcome a curvy woman home!

They Endure Long And Intense Sexual Encounters-12 Reasons Why Thick Girls Enjoy Better Sex

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