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15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 7:18 am

We hear about lots of weird and bizarre things happening almost every day. Only a few individuals can witness such things live. We all have neighbors. Even a ruthless criminal will have neighbors. Do you have crazy people living in your neighborhood? Well, these fifteen people had! Read fifteen crazy neighbor stories as told by people, in their words. 
7.This Drug Addict Neighbor

My father, two sisters, brother and I are getting home late one night. It was about 1 am. As we started getting closer to the house, my dad started swearing and yelling in the car. We had no idea what was going on half asleep, pulled into the driveway, and he told us to stay in the car.
Next thing we know naked people everywhere, running. Turns out the neighbor’s son decided to do a whole bunch of drugs and hold an orgy on our front lawn. My father gave him a well-deserved beating, dragged him across the street woke his dad up and then he proceeded to hit him a few times.

This Drug Addict Neighbor-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

8.Another Tale Of A Drug Addict

The neighbor behind me is a crack addict. He gets high on his back porch and laughs until he can't breathe at the leaves that fall from the tree.

One time he beat his wife while high. We called the cops, and when he left, he knew it was us and was threatening us. When he got out of prison, he was so happy to see us, I feel like he didn't remember knowing we called the cops on him.

Another Tale Of A Drug Addict-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories
Did you know you can get high without drugs?

9.Not What You Hope to See When Moving into a New House

I was moving into my new house, a one bedroom duplex. As my friends and I were leaving to pick up another load of my stuff, the lady next door approaches my friend, Beaner. Eyes wild and hair disheveled she asks, "Have you seen my son? I thought I saw him get in your car." Mildly concerned, I say, "There hasn't been anyone here other than us..." As she fidgets with her cigarette lighter, "Are you sure? I saw him leave with that guy." She points at my friend Beaner. I shake my head, "Nope. He's been with me the whole afternoon." She cocks her head to the left and says, "I'm calling the police, you can answer to them" and stomps away. We returned 45 minutes later with another load, two police cars were parked along the curb outside of my new house. "Shit!" I say, hopping out of the truck. As I put the key in it's hole and unlock my door, there is a ruckus behind me. "You stupid pigs, they took my son, you need to arrest them.
You see, the son she was speaking of, did not exist. The day I moved in, was her 7th day without meds.

Not What You Hope to See When Moving into a New House-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

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